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Ceftin - Why Didn't I Find This Stuff Sooner?

24 July 2013 - 08:14 PM

Let me preface my post by saying that I had been suffering through near-continuous acne for a pretty long period of time before I was prescribed Ceftin by my dermatologist (probably since the last few years of junior high school), and in fact, this antibiotic was the first one prescribed by the dermatologist because I dropped my last one after years of almost zero results thanks to his prescriptions and advice. When I say "advice," I'm being generous... it was more like "talk for two minutes about new medications to give me and charge me out the ass for the privilege of simply being in his presence."


Anyway, after making a number of changes in my life prior to taking Ceftin along the lines of diet, stress, sun exposure and even type of toothpaste, I thought there was no way to get rid of the acne I had been suffering with for years. Acne had been the catalyst for a spiral into an overly anxiety-ridden life I really didn't want to live, so I dropped the old derm and went to someone I had heard many good things about. He prescribed Ceftin: Cefuroxime Axetil in 500mg tabs twice a day, eventually decreasing to once a day. I was quite skeptical but within only a few weeks, I started noticing results. While I used it for around a year, which thankfully coincided along with an internship I was taking part in, I enjoyed the clearest skin I had experienced since before high school. Old flare ups once consisted of 5-15 new spots popping up every morning depending on the regimen I was using... it was like waking up TO a nightmare, not from it. Flare ups while using Ceftin would, at most, consist of one or two spots a week at most.


I ran out of the stuff and decided not to refill for 1-2 months recently and, keeping everything else basically the same as it was when I was taking the Ceftin, old flare ups began to take place day after day just as before. But, like clockwork, when I got a new prescription for Ceftin and started using it again, all of the old spots disappeared within 3-4 days and remain mostly gone through the present.


I had tried Solodyn, Epiduo, Aczone, Ziana, Ampicillin TR, Bactrim, NicAzel and others for long periods of time each and none of them could even touch Ceftin. Just wanted to share and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this. What did you think? How long did you use it and how often? If you have an experience to share, please do!


Peace and good health wavey.gif