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Spironolactone For Post Pregnancy Acne & Melasma

18 July 2013 - 07:35 PM

I've had mild to moderate acne for many years, which worsened enough a few years ago that I had to take Accutane.  That helped for a few years.  However, I recently had my daughter and my acne picked up a bit again.  When I stopped nursing about 3 months ago, my skin went nuts.  My derm put me on Spironolactone and I've been on it for about 6 weeks.  (I also started using Proactiv).  My skin is clearing up very slowly (the verdict is out whether it's the spiro or the Proactiv), but now I'm developing melasma!  No BCP involved and it's not just sun exposure in my case (I had it really bad years ago on BCP w/spiro, hence why I'm worried now).  I'm also using a Retin A product...I read all of this could be making my skin ultra sensitive and might contribute to melasma.  Obagi has helped me in the past, but I want to stop Spiro if that's the cause. Has anyone else had this happen with spiro?