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#3419494 About To Start Accutane - Aged 32

Posted by rocklerm78 on 10 March 2014 - 06:01 AM



I can also relate.  I'm 35 and taking my second round of Accutane.  It worked really well the first time and my skin was clear for about 4 years.  Like Kim28, I'm also a hormonal acne person.  After I had my daughter (and really, when I stopped breastfeeding) my skin went nuts.  So, I decided to take Accutane again.  It is working nicely and my skin is almost cleared up.  I might suggest asking your doctor about Absorica.  I'm actually on that, which is apparently a newer form of Accutane.  It's just as effective but it's slightly gentler on your system, esp. your stomach.  The side effects can be annoying - I have some joint stiffness, dry skin and lips, and constant sinus issues - but I can deal with those if it clears up my skin!  You are not alone in this!  Don't be terrified - I've been nervous both times I have taken it, but it's not as bad during and it's all been worth it.  I stay out of the sun and avoid alcohol, but I still go the gym, etc.  It hasn't slowed me down much.  Plus, I believe recent studies have suggested depression is not as common with Accutane as once thought; I've never had any trouble with that while on it.  I think the course will go by quickly for you, you'll love the results, and then you can get on to better, more important things like having a precious little baby :) It's just a few months in the grand scheme of things, hang in there.  Good luck!!

#3369351 Spironolactone For Post Pregnancy Acne & Melasma

Posted by rocklerm78 on 26 July 2013 - 11:27 AM

Thank you, very glad to know I'm not alone!!  I started back on Obagi which has the hydroquinone so I hope that will help.  I still can't get control of the acne though.  It's getting a little better but still lots of bumps. So embarrassing. What did you do to clear the acne?  I can't take the spiro any more because my melasma is getting dark; I'm not sure it was helping anyway.  Prior to baby, I used Obagi and a light benz perox wash and my skin looked so nice!  Maybe all I need is time...

Oh hell yes! Totally happened to me for the first time in my life in 2008 3 weeks after I had my son. My acne was so severe during pregnancy that I wanted whatever that was left over afterwards to clear up fast. So my derm gave me spiro. It actually is a great drug for numerous things, but in some cases like ours, it causes melasma. I had the hitler moustache and one circle under each eye. I used hydroquinone and it cleared up in days but it wasn't too dark to begin with. Just ugly as hell. Now I really just have to use sunblock and avoid the sun being on my face. Well good luck with you and feel free to ask me any questions!