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#3417991 Accutane - Very Mild, But Persistent Acne

Posted by rocklerm78 on 03 March 2014 - 09:48 AM

I'm glad you started this topic; there are probably far more people out there with this type of acne than you think!  Acne significantly impacts your life regardless the type. It’s perfectly okay to be honest with yourself and say “this really sucks and I have a right to complain!!”.  I've suffered with acne my entire adult life and I've tried every conceivable treatment - Accutane is the only thing that works.  My acne is pesky, persistent, scaring and takes up residence on my face, back and sometimes chest in mild to moderate flare ups.   I'm in the 4th month of my second round of Accutane (Absorica actually, a 'new' version that is milder on your system).  The side effects are minimal and less irritating than the first time. 


After my first course of Accutane, which lasted 7.5 long months, my skin was still breaking out a little bit as persistence would have it, but we stopped the course because it’d gone on long enough.  My skin cleared up fully within 2 months after the course ended, and was beautiful for nearly 4 years; my doc did say that only 10% of people have to take it twice, which is very encouraging for most people! (I had a baby, a hormonal nightmare, so I think that's why I'm stuck on round two).  Both times, it took my skin about 3-4 months after starting the medicine before the blackheads ceased and my breakouts were reduced to just a zit or two every now and again. There is hope and hang in there!  You will likely love the results. 

#3369351 Spironolactone For Post Pregnancy Acne & Melasma

Posted by rocklerm78 on 26 July 2013 - 11:27 AM

Thank you, very glad to know I'm not alone!!  I started back on Obagi which has the hydroquinone so I hope that will help.  I still can't get control of the acne though.  It's getting a little better but still lots of bumps. So embarrassing. What did you do to clear the acne?  I can't take the spiro any more because my melasma is getting dark; I'm not sure it was helping anyway.  Prior to baby, I used Obagi and a light benz perox wash and my skin looked so nice!  Maybe all I need is time...

Oh hell yes! Totally happened to me for the first time in my life in 2008 3 weeks after I had my son. My acne was so severe during pregnancy that I wanted whatever that was left over afterwards to clear up fast. So my derm gave me spiro. It actually is a great drug for numerous things, but in some cases like ours, it causes melasma. I had the hitler moustache and one circle under each eye. I used hydroquinone and it cleared up in days but it wasn't too dark to begin with. Just ugly as hell. Now I really just have to use sunblock and avoid the sun being on my face. Well good luck with you and feel free to ask me any questions!