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In Topic: (Picture) Red Mottled Skin Covered In Blackheads And Pimples

29 July 2013 - 07:20 AM

Acne on the forehead is often an indicator of stress. This is most likely why you are getting these pimpes. However, it also looks as if a product is irritating you. I would look into both of these things! :)

In Topic: Why Can Some People Eat Nothing But Sugar And Not Get Acne?

20 July 2013 - 02:55 PM

My brother is the same way. In my family, my dads side doesn't have good skin. My moms side has completely flawless skin. Really it's just genetics and whether your skin is acne prone or not. I'm the same way as you are. I eat icecream and I breakout the next day with a much oilier face. Two days ago my brother who has great skin literally took pizza and slapped it on his face and rubbed it in to prove a point. He didnt wash his face the entire day until he got into the shower. Even then he didn't wash his face. It truly is amazing how this stuff works. However, I personally believe all this skin care and healthy eating will make us healthier and stronger. I am certainly in better shape and more athletic than my brother even though I have acne. In the future our skin will be much healthier and younger looking once our acne just stops. It really is a weird concept to think about

In Topic: Determine Severity? (Pics)

20 July 2013 - 01:05 PM

The rest of my face is pretty clear. My forehead is, my t-zone, temples have a little bit, chin is clear except for the sides, and lip area is flawless. I think I'm going to buy some of the acne.org benzyl peroxide and put it on my face at night. I might do a modified version of the regimen

I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me benzoyl peroxide


Personally I might try a weaker concentration of benzyl peroxide

In Topic: Determine Severity? (Pics)

20 July 2013 - 08:54 AM





Glad to say that I've seen some improvement! This is with nothing but a mild cleanser and some vitamins. Currently taking Vitamin A, E, D, Zinc, probiotic, Fenugreek capsule, and Bee pollen. Anyone think I should remove one or two vitamins out of the mix? Skin hasn't been as oily these past few days. Have been using moisturizer with SPF 15. I don't really burn ever (italian skin) which is a good thing for the appearance of my face. I know I should get treatment but I really want to see how the vitamins work. Unfortunately I have football soon which will probably cause my face to breakout again, but can't do anything about that one. Really the only time my face feels oily now is when I wake up and after breakfast. Around this time I take a shower anyways so it really isn't a huge issue except when I'm really lazy. Also, the lighting in this picture makes my acne look so much worse because I'm in a different bathroom on vacation. This is a good sign because my skin is showing improvements, even in this lighting. Face feels smoother and not as bumpy. Might start religiously using St. Ives Apricot Scrub with salicylic acid so I can get my acne under control. I have a hate/love relationship with my acne actually. It's so easy to clear up when I'm consistent but if I put a football helmet on it breaks out immediately. Accutane has been in my mind for a while now and so has antibiotics. Honestly stressing out much less since my acne going down. Unfortunately I have many acne scars, but the vitamin E should at least somewhat help with this. I don't know why people are telling me to not waste time on vitamins? It certainly works very well for me! I know it's the vitamins because before my football breakout I stopped taking them for a week and my face began to become more oily and bumps began appearing. I'll be posting some more pictures in a few days! :)

Oh another thing, my diet was terrible yesterday. Literally ate pizza 2/3 meals. I know this is bad, but can't resist. Also had chocolate icecream. :o

In Topic: Determine Severity? (Pics)

19 July 2013 - 09:59 AM

Hey guys sorry I havent posted any pics lately. Been really busy. Will be posting tomorrow! So far some okay results with just vitamins and mild face wash. I know i should be heading to derm but I havent had the time lately. So far, my acne has been clearing up but very slowly. Im worried that ill be clear and then next football practice it'll get worse again. Anyways, pics tomorrow!