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#3381336 Anyone Taking A Multivitamin Or Vitamins That Seemed To Have Helped Acne?

Posted by stephzoars on 08 September 2013 - 09:51 AM

Interesting, it seems as though everyone I bump into on this site use Revlon Colorstay.. That stuff makes me look like like the creature from the black lagoon. I still can't find anything that doesn't break me out. neutral.gif


Try Alima Pure! Seriously, it's the only thing I can use that doesn't break me out. You can get trial sizes from their website really cheap. 


You're amazing!! That's much cheaper than Ultra Pure and they seem like a wonderful company! Ordering my samples as I type this. :) Thanks a million

#3379890 Grape Seed Oil

Posted by stephzoars on 02 September 2013 - 04:59 PM

Having sensitive skin I loveeeee grapeseed oil. Truthfully I read somewhere that Emma Stone used it because it was the only thing gentle enough for her skin so I had to find out first hand and I fell madly in love. I don't use it much anymore, unless I'm making tea tree oil spot treatment stuff to dilute it.

#3379853 Gentlest Cleansing Wipes For Removing Make-Up?

Posted by stephzoars on 02 September 2013 - 03:20 PM

Thank you everyone! I have since looked on Amazon and you are all right that it seems to be fairly easy to get hold of the Bioderma brand in the UK (I'd never heard of it so had no idea it was French). I've also found the L'Oreal one at a fairly sensible price and an Eau Thermale Avene one that looks like a very similar product as well so now I seem to be spoilt for choice! 


I personally use Target Brand's Up & Up... I also love the Simple wipes (the non-exfoliating ones obviously). Both are gentle.


I've tried plenty that broke me out (ESPECIALLY say yes to cucumbers) but the Target brand ones seems to soothe my skin at the same time, and I have very, VERY sensitive skin.




Just wondering.. do you have any makeup brands or products that don't break you out that you could recommend?

Thanks for the face wipe recommendations. smile.png I shall have a look into them! 

I've had so much trouble finding make-up that doesn't break me out and I've tried a lot of different things. The only one I've found that reliably doesn't break me out is Maybelline's Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation. I've used it for years and it's the only thing my skin tolerates so now I would never use anything else. Unfortunately that is literally the only thing I can recommend because all powders and concealers break me out and even other Maybelline liquid foundations do the same (their Superstay 24 hour one gave me an absolutely horrific breakout and I think that was because it had a much more waxy kind of consistency compared to the mineral one which seems to be more water-based but dries on really nicely). 


Yeah! Me too!! I'm trying more pure stuff now... you should try out Ultra Pure Cosmetics! I have gluten sensitivity and am allergic to practically every product out there. While I don't know if this is helping, it sure isn't aggravating my acne and it looks GREAT. You can always try the sample set.


I LOVED Superstay 24 Hour but it always slid off my face like some creature that belongs in a swamp.



I know that Cover Girl's Advanced Radiance has NEVER EVER broken me out. It can be hard to find a good shade but seriously try that out. And Physician's Formula Powders if you haven't yet.


Definitely keep makeup to a minimum.. I wish I had pretty skin to show off, but I can't stand my face without makeup. :\ One day!

Some people say dimethicone really breaks them out, while others say it's fine. So check out all of the ingredients.. and when in doubt go to Ulta's website to check out the reviews. Lots of people have problematic skin and you'll be able to see their experiences with it!

#3379852 Using Light Therapy With Topical Treatments?

Posted by stephzoars on 02 September 2013 - 03:12 PM

Oils can make or break your skin. I've tried several oils (commercial moisturizers just weren't doing well for me) and about 5 drops of rose-hip oil after washing and about 30 minutes after my treatment (retin or benza) is so soothing to my skin. It absorbs very quickly and within 5 minutes my skin feels normal - not the itchy-dry that the medications make it, and definitely not greasy. 


I've also thought about seeing an aesthetician... maybe they have stronger lights? Once I get most of it cleared up, I'm going to talk to a dermatologist about lactic acid peels for scarring and red light therapy as well.





You can use milk for gentle exfoliating with lactic acid, have you ever tried that? I took a milk bath with a tub full of water and a gallon of 2% milk and my skin felt so soothed and soft. I did rinse off afterwards of course, but I would give it a try if you haven't yet. I don't even digest milk, but on the skin it feels fantastic! And okay, just make sure you're not overlooking something because you've been using it so long. I do that with makeup sometimes. >_<

#3379799 Baking Soda, Bicarb Soda, Baking Powder. What Is The Difference?

Posted by stephzoars on 02 September 2013 - 12:52 PM

Baking soda is great as a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week. But no, not baking powder. It should come in a box, about 80 cents or so.

#3379782 Using Light Therapy With Topical Treatments?

Posted by stephzoars on 02 September 2013 - 12:24 PM

So, I am not sure if this should be posted in the prescription section or the OTC section, and forgive me if this is incorrect. 


I'm considering purchasing an OTC blue-light therapy device to help with my acne. I have heard some people say it doesn't help at all with cystic acne, and others say it's a miracle product. I was wondering if anyone had used a device or spa therapy like this while also using medications for acne. 


Currently I'm using: 

Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser

AM treatment: Benzaclin (RX)

PM treatment: 0.05% Retin-A

Moisturizer: a custom blend of rose hip oil, lavender essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.

Oral: taking minocycline 2x a day (just started a week ago).


Do you think it is worth the exorbitant price tag to try the light therapy devices? Do they work well for hormonal cystic acne, or are they better for "regular" acne breakouts? 


I've heard rose hip oil can cause breakouts in some, have you noticed any difference after using those blends of oils?


I've been looking into light therapy and some of them are so freakin expensive! I would say try a cheaper one off of Amazon that has high reviews and look into something of better quality after testing the waters. It's always worth a shot, right?

#3378627 Anyone Taking A Multivitamin Or Vitamins That Seemed To Have Helped Acne?

Posted by stephzoars on 28 August 2013 - 04:43 PM

Hi. i have adult acne and rosacea which was really pretty severe. I started the regimen 2 months ago and cleared up some, but then, I started on prescription nicomide (supplement containing zinc, folic acid, copper and niacin) and Culturelle probiotic about 6 weeks ago. Now, my skin is nearly perfect. Ask your derm. I hope this helps.


Wow, really?! Congratulations!! ^_^ I should give it a try, I'll do a little more research on Culturelle to see if it contains dairy or gluten. Most don't now anyway.


I made a few different decisions while I was at Jewel Osco last night lol this is what I REALLY ended up with....


1. D3

2. Calcium with Zinc

3. Krill Oil

4. L-Lysine

5. Magnesium


I think this should help! I do eat A LOT of vegetables and lots of lean meats. I think that Nicomide sounds pretty damn wonderful!! You have to get a prescription? Bleh. I will definitely ask when I see a derm in the next month or so!

#3377858 Diet And Acne. Compilation Of Studies.

Posted by stephzoars on 25 August 2013 - 06:43 PM

Everyone needs to figure out what food their skin rebels against. For some it may not even be food related!

Also lol to the pic and all its comments