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In Topic: The Regimen And Dark Spots

30 October 2013 - 02:46 PM

I have such a bad time with dark spots too, I feel your pain!


The regimen doesn't do much for the dark spots, unless you incorporate Dan's AHA+ lotion.. That is definitely something to try out. I would not overuse the stuff because that can cause definite irritation but you need to try the stuff!!! Almost a miracle cure really. I saw results the morning after using it at night. And really great results the following weeks.


Let me know if you try it out and how it works for you!

In Topic: Acne From Not Being Breastfed

11 October 2013 - 05:12 PM

All I know is that my immune system is (or was-hopefully) shot and I have had acne, allergies (skin and food intolerances), tonsillectomy, bells palsy, a hernia, acid reflux, you name it.


I was breastfed..


The connection between the immune system and all of that is quite farfetched. If that's the case then why don't humans breastfeed their whole lives?



It's all in your genes and environment, not whether or not you were breastfed as an infant. Let's all get real. I do agree that what we (and our mother's when breastfeeding as Mel Mel points out) consume plays a role on health - and always will - but attributing any disease to not being breastfed is just plain silly.

In Topic: Using Light Therapy With Topical Treatments?

25 September 2013 - 12:16 PM

Let me know if the OTC blue light device works. I know the higher powered version (i.e. the blu-u) is a medical standard for treating acne... just not sure about the cost; otherwise, maybe a professional treatment is the kick start your skin needs?  Also, thanks everybody for the info on oils smile.png


A couple of other things I've been researching... dermarolling and the effects of stress on acne sufferers.


Dermarolling seems to be very effective (and not too costly), but I'm concernred about infection. Anybody try this?


Stress... we all have it in our lives, some more than others. From what I've gathered from more severe cases (i.e. friends with acne inversa or hidradenitis suppurativa), stress seems to greatly exacerbate acne for many sufferers (http://www.webmd.com...stress-and-acne). Has anybody else given this thought?


You're on to a few great things here. I purchased a dermaroller (1.5mm) a year ago and still have never opened the package because I feel like I'm gonna screw my entire face up! Plus, you're not supposed to use it if you have active acne. :X


And stress is a major factor in your health, skin included. Whatever it takes to get you in a good mood.. exercise, eating right, singing, whatever you need to do. Who doesn't want to be happy anyways?



Has anyone here ever tried drinking Apple Cider Vinegar every morning? I'm about to start and I'm wondering if a tablespoon is enough? Right now I drink lemon water whenever I can but I'm wondering what else people have tried.


I've decided not to purchase a light until I've tried everything else. It seems like your skin depends on it to stay clear then. Sort of like topicals.

In Topic: Pantothenic Acid Works For Me

07 September 2013 - 08:58 AM

Very eager to try! I also researched a little further to see if I could get a large amount of B5 from foods, and I'm out of luck because all of them are either really disgusting (mushrooms.. blek!) or I can't digest them (gluten/milk)!!





I could just eat A LOT of fish, sunflower seeds and avocados (which are great in a million different ways)!

In Topic: Acne Cleared. 2 Weeks.

04 September 2013 - 07:29 PM

Bleh, well I found this recipe to make chips out of them! I'm not sure that salt is good for acne, so I can lighten that up a bit, but I'm good at eating icky foods haha.