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In Topic: Dermatix

28 February 2014 - 02:27 PM

do collagen tablets really work for erythema?

In Topic: Dan's Moisturiser

07 January 2014 - 07:23 AM

hi, I have oily skin and it does work great! It worth a try!

ok will dooo cheers! 

In Topic: Tips On Moisturizers

05 January 2014 - 03:10 AM

And it's called?


Alba Botanica Aloe and green tea oil free moisturizer, awful for my skin anyway. 

I think i'm going to get Dan's moisturizers. the one im using is Cetpahil even that feels abit oily :/

In Topic: Aha

19 December 2013 - 06:46 AM

i did that for a week but it burned my marks! so i've cut it down to twice every week..my skin is quite sensitive although it's my 3rd month on it

In Topic: Purple Marks

10 October 2013 - 10:04 AM

Right i've used the cleance k cream! first day made my skin glow...couldn't believe it, although the next day i broke out, then i released these were only 'purges' so didn't use the aha on the second day.


on the 3rd day used it again but it really irritated my red marks, made them worse? i shouldn't of used it this soon think it exfoliated too much, however after 24h my skin feels smoother and the red marks have faded a little! 


I think i'm goin to use the cream once a week, my skin is clearly too sensitive for it and i'm too scared of any new purges, although it does seem to do the job, if only i had known about this a year ago