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In Topic: Huge Cystic Outbreak 5 Months Off Ortho Tri Cyclen

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Uggghhh so sorry you have to go through this. BUT better now that you are not pregnant. That way you can use any topical you can. I was on Yasmin for about 7-8 years with a few months off in between. Every time I got off my skin began to go to hell. I never ever put 2 and 2 together. I got off Yasmin in 2007, the month was January. Pregnant by march and a battlefield all over my face by May until he was born. I couldn't use shit...that worked anyway.  I did actually take erythromycin and used benzoyl peroxide ...garb. The unfortunate thing is that if you are prone to hormonal acne, you will almost always have an explosion after coming off the pill. I have never been back on the pill in 8 years. I never will. I had another baby a year ago and the pregnancy went awesome. My skin was beautiful. Try a more natural route. I actually used the regimen my last pregnancy. My OB approved... Currently I am using African black soap by Nubian heritage (I think that's the name) and benzoyl peroxide night and day. I moisturizer with rosehip seed (carrier oil) that has frankincense, geranium and sometimes carrot seed oil ( all essential oils good for acne, hormonal balance and scarring) during the day. At night I just moisturizer with rosehip seed oil. Do you have Instagram? There's a bunch of info out there. I am going through some slight skin changes due to weaning of breastfeeding. Trying to catch it all now. Anyways...best of luck to you. Don't let yourself get down. I know how you feel. I obsess over my skin and get super depressed. In reality, the rest of the world does not see what we see. Send me a message with ANY questions. Have a great day

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15 July 2014 - 04:57 AM

Hello! Congratulations on your baby! Sorry you're dealing with acne. How was your skin during pregnancy and before pregnancy? Our hormones get very out of whack after delivery. Even a few months afterwards. Are you breastfeeding? If not, are you using any medications? I also had a baby 8 months ago. I use the regimen and used it while pregnant. I think it's one thing that helps keep my acne away. I'm also breastfeeding. I still breakout quite a bit only when my period comes. I have the painful red, medium in size papules. This last cycle I don't know if it was the new makeup I tried (face broke out the day after I began using it) but I ended up with 6 effin zits. I know I'm getting one when I get an itchy sensation in the area. Anyway, I'm an esthetician and am very in to skin care, especially hormonal and pregnant women. I know the feeling. I've been through it all. Hope to chat with you. Keep your head up Hun.

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07 October 2013 - 05:46 AM

So I experienced this as well. Basically I realized that after bp has dried and i put on my moisturizer, any and i mean any residue that might get around that area will be itchy and burn one day then scaly and dry the next. Just be careful after applying anything once bp is on your skin

In Topic: Getting Pregnant - What Can I Do For My Hormonal Acne?

10 August 2013 - 12:00 AM

I completely sympathize with your fears of going off birth control and getting pregnant. I was so anxious over it but wasn't going to let fear of acne stop me from having a child. I went off and got pregnant a couple of months later (lucky it happened fast). No breakouts during that time. The first trimester my back broke out (new for me) and I had a little bit of facial acne but nothing out of the norm (one cyst that turned into a nightmare but that's another story).
Glad you're skin is staying clear too!!! I'm doing my version of "the regimen" while pregnant too. I use a few differnt things to clean with but treat with BP. It's not at all a finger length. Like a pea size only on my cheeks. I was actually just dabbing in on my cheeks at night for the longest without rubbing it in. I guess kind of leavin it clumpy looking. It was really just wasting product but now that I run it in nicely I get good results. Still don't know if my hormones are keeping things at bay or it's just my skin being my skin. Hopefully I outgrow acne soon! I'm frikkin 35 already!
Congrats on your pregnancy girl!!!
I'm now at 25 weeks and have the best skin I've had in years (aside from a scar from said nightmare cyst - which makes me hate it even more). I have no idea what will happen post-pregnancy but just wanted to say that pregnancy hormones aren't necessarily bad. For some hormonal acne it can actually help.

Edited to add: I've stayed on the acne.org regimen throughout pregnancy.

In Topic: Getting Pregnant - What Can I Do For My Hormonal Acne?

09 August 2013 - 11:42 PM

Than its good to hear you stayed pretty clear in your second pregnancy. I have scarring from my first pregnancy I am now trying to deal with. I am also trying to come to terms with my daughter being an only child because I cannot go through that again. I am very heartbroken about this. Just another thing acne and scarring has taken from me.

Yea thank god my skin is clear as hell for the most part. I was terrified of getting pregnant again and thought for a few years after my son was born that he may just be an only child. In my heart I was like yea right! I took my chances and was prepared for the worst and I'm glad I took the chance. I believe being off of birth control is the #1 reason it's stayed clear. There weren't any synthetic hormones in my body for about 6 years. Again, we are all different though. I have minor scars too... I'll never have the skin I had Pre marriage and motherhood but it's looking awesome now and I can't complain. I have my boys to look forward to... I hope you find something that helps you. I totally feel your pain and your fear. Good luck with everything. Don't hesitate to inbox me if you ever have questions