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Punch Excision

24 April 2015 - 02:16 PM


I had my first punch excision today.  It is so hard to find information on the net (especially before and after photos) so I promise to provide updates as things progress.

I was very worried about having this done so while I have a few scars that are good candidates for punch excision, I decided to do a small one to start.  If I like the results, I'll do a few more over the next few months.

Ok, so the scar is in the middle of the cheek bone area, closer to the centre of the face (vs. the side).  The plastic surgeon used a 2mm punch, stiched it with one 6.0 nylon thread and put a steri strip on top.  I get the stitch out in 7 days...I know some say 5 days but he was fine with the timing.  For the next week, I wear the steri-strip and do nothing else.  When the stitch comes out I can start applying a scar cream. 

The whole thing took about 10 minutes tops and I didn't feel a thing...not even the numbing needle.

The punch cost me $350 + tax.  Expensive but I wanted to pay the extra money for a PS vs. a derm.  (I had a bad experience with a derm so it's kind of scared me off).  The PS I went to was lovely.  He really listened to me.  (I've been to a lot of PS and there are some real jerks out there).  He also didn't pressure me to do anything even though the time was booked for the procedure.

Stay tuned...fingers crossed this works out.  The PS was quite confident that I'd be happy.  :)

PS.  I'm in Toronto.


21 January 2015 - 12:14 PM

I've tried dermarolling (5x), subcision + filler (2x), Profractional erbium laser (2x) and Smartxide CO2 laser (1x) with no results.  

Wondering if excision might be the best option for the 2 scars in the middle of my cheekbone?  Any opinions on this?  

Profractional Spot Treatments

12 April 2014 - 06:58 AM

The next step in my scar journey is supposed to be a 35% TCA peel (performed by a PS). I do have concerns about this as discussed in another post.
Fortunately I have isolated scarring so my other option is spot treatments with the Profractional laser at setting of about 500-600 microns, 22% overlap.
Should I be concerned with spot treatments?  Anyone have experience?