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Yesterday, 07:51 AM

I forgot to mention this before, but because you have such few scars, I think you' benefit from the product Dermaflage. It's a topical filler, and it's ideal for people who only have one or two scars they'd like to fill in. Some people don't seem to care for it, but I use it myself and it works very very well, especially for scars with harsh edges (not much for rolling scars however). It's pricey, but compared the money you've spent so far on these treatments, it's nothing. Just something to think about :) 

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, it really isn't just one scar I'm trying to treat, although the ones in the pic are the deepest. I had (have?) a skin-picking disorder so I have many mildly indented hypopigmented scars along my lower cheeks.
Anyhow, what I should probably do is get over myself and start living my life to the fullest. If not for me, than for my kids. It's hard though!
Thanks again. I really do appreciate the response.

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22 January 2015 - 06:28 PM

i have a mixture of indented and raised scarring but am really only worried about the raised scarring so i had a full face erbium laser done and then i had 2 -co2's done on the raised scars on my chin and one fraxel restore and they did nothing at all for the raised scars. the lady i see is going to use both the 1927 and 1550 fraxel on my raised scars this time with a much higher setting but we shall see. its hard for me to be optimistic at this point. i really had my heart set on dermabrasion i believe its the only thing that will really smooth out my chin area but i just cant take the risk stopping spiro and getting more scarring at this point. 

Did anyone ever reco cortisone or steroid injections? Always thought that was the preferred method for hypertrophic scarring.

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22 January 2015 - 02:44 PM

Sorry but your doctors are clearly taking advantage of you.  And yes your fixation on that one scar is a little disproportionate to the actual problem.  The kind of money you've been throwing at this problem is a little crazy.  I understand it bothers you immensely though.
If TCA Cross is unpredictable, excisions are even more unpredictable.  Speaking from experience here.

Oh, it's completely crazy, lol. But it bothers me so much. And it's not like I just have one scar. I was trying to treat my whole face with the other treatments.

Anyhow, have you done TCA cross? Success? I think you already told me about your excision experience on another thread...can you refresh my memory? Size of scars? All failures? Punch or scalpel?

Thank you. I do really appreciate the input.

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22 January 2015 - 01:06 PM

wow that's nuts! $3200 for that one area? i was going to get Dermabrasion done on my chin area and it would have cost me $1550 but that was with anesthesia. i don't know if i will ever be able to do it though they want me to stop taking spiro for 2 weeks before the surgery and i worry i will breakout bad again. i am trying fraxel restore for now and will see where it gets me.

Yes, ridiculous isn't it? Can't believe doctors have the audacity to charge so much. I guess he could smell my desperation!
Good luck with the Restore. Did you ever consider Co2 instead? I feel it has helped one scar on my other cheek in particular and I only had one treatment. Also, if you ever do go through the dermabrasion, please, please, please come back to the site to let us know how it goes.

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22 January 2015 - 12:04 PM

dermarolling (5x), subcision + filler (2x), Profractional erbium laser (2x) and Smartxide CO2 laser (1x)  
Jesus. Your doctor must be living the dream
Those look like large icepicks or really small boxcar scars. Really defined. I'd say Spot TCA 
Subcision..who'sd your doctor!?

Lol. I have other scars...just don't think they're candidates for excision. Thats why I only posted a close up of the ice picks/small boxcars.

I had a doc suggest TCA cross but I'm worried they'll get bigger.

Two different docs did the subcisions. Def did not see the 50-80% improvement they quoted.

I know the scars don't seem like much to y'all but they bother me. My BDD doesn't help.

I don't really think that's bad at all but spot Dermabrasion would smooth that out.  You just need to really do your research and find the right doctor. I would do that before even thinking about excision.

That's what I'd really like to do but no one in Toronto will do it for me. I've been to A LOT of consultations. Only one PS suggested it and he wanted $3200! Gulp!