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Dose On Accutane To Ensure Remission?

12 September 2013 - 05:48 AM

Ok so I'm really confused. I've heard a lot about this 100mg/kg theory, and that your body weight needs to be addressed in order to start a specific dosage/length of time etc. My dermatologist never mentioned this to me, but it seems to be rather important, as I have noticed that a lot on people on here seem to swear by this rule. 


I am taking a second round of Roaccutane and I seriously do not want to be doing this again; I want my acne gone. However, my dermatologist only suggested a 4 month treatment, with 40mg at the highest. According to the 100mg/kg theory, this is not enough in total. It is only 4,440mg in total, but I have worked out that I'll need 5,500kg at least, because I weigh 55kg. Should I go for an extra month (5 months) to ensure this or listen to my derm?

Stress Remedies On Accutane?

01 September 2013 - 05:21 AM

I'm on my fifth day of Accutane. I've been going through a pretty stressful time, which has triggered quite a few physical symptoms (heart palpitations, racing thoughts, short temper). I want to know if there's anything I can take besides changes in lifestyle (supplements, herbs, etc) that may help ease the stress, as I'm trying my best to stay relaxed and I don't want to be overly stressed on this medication.


Has anybody had any success with anything? I know B vitamins can help, but I get my daily dose of those through my diet (I eat very healthily). I've read that Rhodiola and Indian Ginseng can help, but I'm not sure if these may interfere with Accutane.


I'm currently taking a probiotic, fish oil, aloe vera, and calcium & vitamin D. 



Vitamins/diet/lifestyle On Roaccutane

23 August 2013 - 01:57 PM

I'm considering a second course of Roaccutane soon. I want to make sure that I'm fully prepared this time, with as much knowledge as possible about certain factors that may ease the symptoms etc. Feel free to correct me (as this is mostly research-based and some may be pointless) or add to the list if necessary, especially if you've had success with any and wouldn't mind sharing advice. I am trying to gather as much information before my course. Here is the list I've compiled so far:



Hyaluronic acid (for joints/muscular aid)

Glucosamine (for joints/muscular aid)

Calcium (for bones)

Vitamin E (for an all round purpose - eyes, joints, hair and skin)

Milk Thistle (for liver health)

Aloe Vera? (for digestive health)

A good probiotic (for digestive health)

B Vitamins? (for energy and mind)



Plenty of sleep

Gentle exercise, such as yoga 

Limited sun exposure

Avoid contact with too much hot water

Avoid harsh soaps

Moisturise daily 

Use sunblock

Have a Blistex/etc ready

Vaseline for the nose

Hair masks and shampoo/conditioner designed for dry hair

Eucerin Redness Relief for flushed skin

Rich hand cream

Nail strengthening varnish (not necessary but may help with brittle nails)

Eye cream

Eye drops

Night cream



Lots of water

Omega 3 foods - walnuts, flax seed, fish etc


Obviously vitamin A supplementation is a no. I know taking lots of vitamins may not be the answer, but I'd like to know if there's anything that could possibly be a friendly addition to Accutane. 


Also, I know that E45 seems to be one of the best aqueous creams, but what can I use for my face (I'm a bit wary about using E45 on my face, but I'd like to have a moisturiser that will soothe the dry skin as much as possible)? Most facial moisturisers do little to help Roaccutane dryness, so I'm searching for one that will truly help. Is Jojoba Oil necessary or is this an addition to moisturiser?