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#3387400 Accutane Users Please Help!

Posted by BlueMoon3 on 09 October 2013 - 10:52 AM


Hey guys quick question for all you brave people who have used accutane or are currently on it.


1. If you had experienced and intial break out what was your begining doses?

2. If you had not experienced and intial break out or it was nothing too serious what were your begining doses?

3. Also what was the severity of your acne at the time. I'd say mine is mild but with very unhealhty life stile choices it gets moderate




I did not experience an initial breakout. My bodyweight is 69kg, and my initial dose was 60 mg per day (two doses of 30mg). My severity was mild, but with bad diet would get moderate from time to time. I have experienced fairly steady remission and drying over three months and am very happy with the results so far.


I currently have one (!) lesion that has gone down very quickly compared to how they used to be, and seems to be healing more rapidly as well. My dosage was increased to 80mg per day in two equal doses two weeks ago, and I have experienced a bit of an increase in lip dryness and am tolerating the drug well.


Best wishes,




Thank you so much for your own personal experience! Best of luck to you too!

Hey guys quick question for all you brave people who have used accutane or are currently on it.


1. If you had experienced and intial break out what was your begining doses?

2. If you had not experienced and intial break out or it was nothing too serious what were your begining doses?

3. Also what was the severity of your acne at the time. I'd say mine is mild but with very unhealhty life stile choices it gets moderate.


Also ive been doing research online and I really feel like the intial breakout all depends on how good your dermatoligst is to be honest. I've read posts of dermatolgists saying they start at a relatively low dose at first to preven it.


Here is a post i found and yes i know this may or may not be a real MD but i hoping she is


"Accutane is a great medication for the right acne patient.  To prevent initial flares, I start patients on a low dose for 2 weeks, then increase to the full dose, which is dependent on the patient's weight.  It is very unusual for patients to flare with this regimen.  Topical medication, cortisone injections into cysts, oral antibiotics or oral cortisone may be requirecontrol flares.  Make certain you see your dermatologist monthly for assessment and blood tests."


I know i posted something previously before but PLEASE GUYS IM BEGGING YOU I JUST NEED SOME HELP!!!


1. I did not experience a terrible initial breakout, but it was clear to see that my skin was "purging" somewhat...raised blackheads, a few cysts underneath skin, and quite a few mild spots here and there. I started on 20mg for the first two weeks, then went up to 40mg for the following. I believe this helped to tame the initial breakout and side effects.

2. I guess the above answers that. smile.png

3. Mine is moderate (currently almost two months into my second course of Roaccutane, so I'm still unfortunately waiting to talk about my acne in the past tense!)


I think starting on a low dose helps rather a lot. It depends on the individual, as some people start on a high dose, and seem to cope fine with that. However, if this is your first time, I would recommend talking to your dermatologist about getting set on a relatively low dose, and then working up to your required dose. This will not only potentially control the IB, but it will give your body time to adjust to the medication, which reduces the suddenness of side effects when you increase your dose. Keep in mind that you'll need to stay on the medication for a little longer if you start on a low dose, but this shouldn't matter too much as your health is a priority over your schedule (unless of course, it's absolutely necessary). 


Best of luck.

 Yes this helps very much! Thank you so much!


I know you are not a doctor but do you think that since my skin is oily and i do have blackheads on my T-Zone they will all turn into pimples? Just wondering if you were in the same boat. I'm terrified of the IB



What will possibly happen, is your skin will "normalise". Your oil production will reduce, and then your blackheads will start to clear. I wouldn't worry too much, as the blackheads are the "easiest" thing for Accutane to work on! They're tiny and will surface as soon as the Accutane is working at pushing out the dirt/spots that are under the surface. The only way a blackhead could form into a spot is if you bother it too much, such as squeezing or using irritating washes etc. Your skin will be extra sensitive on Accutane too, so make sure to avoid this completely. Use a gentle soap-free wash and try not to pick. 

#3384066 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

Posted by BlueMoon3 on 21 September 2013 - 05:03 PM

Hello! smile.png I've just read through your log and would like to say congratulations on battling through the tough times, and achieving such great results. smile.png


I'm two weeks into my treatment now, at 20mg. I'll be starting 40mg tomorrow, and I'm a little worried about the initial breakout but I'm sure I'll survive. Just a question...Did you experience any chest pains at all? My chest/rib area is quite "tight" and uncomfortable at times, and I'm worried about this worsening when I increase to 40mg. Also, I noticed that you've mentioned using baby oil...did you mix this with your moisturiser? I'm thinking of buying Jojoba oil, but the organic stuff is so expensive and I'm a poor student! sad.png


Hi! Thanks smile.png


Even if you do break out horrifically, I can promise you it will all be worth it in the end smile.png


I haven't experienced any chest pains at all, that sounds quite strange. I would suggest starting a new thread about it to find out if anyone else has experienced this because it's something I haven't really heard of. If not, I'd definitely mention this to your doctor smile.png


I have been bathing (literally!) in baby oil. In those early days of eczema, I realised that having showers was drying my skin out even more so I have been only having baths for the past 4 months. Now I apply a layer of baby oil to my skin once I'm in the bath to prevent it from drying out. On the bottle it suggests applying it to wet skin once you're out the bath but I've found that to leave my skin a bit greasy and slimy so I do it when I'm in there. It leaves your skin really soft but I haven't been using it on my face just because it's oily.

I looked in to Jojoba oil too but quickly decided that was a big no! Baby oil is quite affordable, plus I figured that if it's designed for babies skin then it must be super gentle.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment smile.png


Hello! Sorry, only just noticed your reply. 


The chest pains were odd but they have completely faded now. I just have back ache and hip pain to replace it! 


Ohh great tip. I've been using a drop of baby oil with my vaseline for my lips. It seems to help the flaking a lot. Jojoba oil costs a BOMB so I'm glad I never bought any of that. I've just been using E45 cream after my evening shower and it has kept the dry skin at bay and I haven't suffered with any eczema/rough patch issues at all! My face is getting a little bit flakey, though. Ah well, at least it's working its magic! 


Haha, your comment about the lip balm made me chuckle. One thing I recommend is having more than one scattered around. I'm using vaseline at the moment, and I have about three tins in random places in my room. It really helps! I also have one in my bag. I would lose my mind if I only owned one.

#3382782 Second Course Of Accutane

Posted by BlueMoon3 on 15 September 2013 - 03:56 PM

Best of luck to you! :) I am three weeks into my second course at 40mg. I took my first course when I was 18. I'm also keeping a log if you're interested and need support. 

#3381130 20 Year Old Female Accutane Log

Posted by BlueMoon3 on 07 September 2013 - 08:38 AM

Keep posting! :) I am reading your log. I am on day 11 of Roaccutane, and it's my second course. I have been taking 20mg from the start. I have noticed similar side effects to your own, but I haven't felt unusually low or anxious. I was a little overly stressed last week, but I tried my best to pull myself out of it, and started to focus on things that made me feel calmer/happier. This really worked. You have to be slightly self-orientated on this medication; think about what makes you happy, and spend as much time as you can to encourage positivity. Personally, I really enjoy my own time, and I love devoting a couple of hours in the day to hobbies such as reading, writing and listening to music. It helps me to psychologically "recharge", and really helps to keep my anxiety/stress levels at a minimum. Go easy on yourself - or as a lot of us here say, "baby" yourself. Roaccutane is such a harsh medication, so we need to be extremely easy on ourselves! 


As 'Like Moonlight' has suggested, Glucosamine supplements are fantastic for joint pains, particularly on Accutane. I haven't experienced any unusual aches or pains yet, but I take 1000mg of Fish Oil and 1000mg of Glucosamine Sulphate daily (Glucosamine Sulphate is the best form of Glucosamine for joint pain). You might want to consider MSM and Hyaluronic Acid too. You'll need to shop around first, because these type of supplements have a tendency to be rather expensive. I buy most of my supplements online, though. This saves me so much money and you can usually find an excellent bargain (just make sure they're sold under a respectable company, and they don't contain rubbish like some supplements do). There is a study that Glucosamine may work even more when taken with Fish Oil supplements, too. 


- Don't give up on the Fish Oil; despite it being seemingly poor at helping your joint pains, it is a great aid for brain functioning, vision and anxiety. Fish oils can encourage a healthy membrane for our nerve cells, and when people are deficient in this, it can cause depression. Vitamin B's are also vital in aid of depression, but you can consume plenty of these in your diet (whole grains, eggs, fish, poultry, oatmeal etc). B6 is the most important of B vitamins when treating anxiety and depression. Look up foods that are high in B6, or perhaps consider a B6 supplement. 


If you're still getting headaches, consider eating a bigger meal with your tablet. This helps to absorb the medication a lot more. I was getting headaches for the first couple of days, but when I decided to eat more wholesome meals (red meat, grains, lots of veg), the headaches disappeared. If you're vegetarian, you have other options too. Keep drinking too, it sounds like you're drinking enough water, which is great.


Good luck and remember - you're only adjusting, so give yourself time and go easy on yourself! 

Oh, and I am keeping a log too, so feel free to follow me! :)