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#3437010 Combo Treatment: Subsicion + Fraxel + Re-Cell

Posted by smarie23 on 19 June 2014 - 10:02 PM

Ernesto, how are you doing now man? Very curious how things turned out after your last treatment! Your results are ASTONISHING and incredibly inspirational! I seriously applaud you for having the courage to be vulnerable and post pictures of your whole journey through this process. Not everyone has the courage to do so. I find it so awesome of you to take the time out of your life to update everyone on your progress throughout. I really hope that you're doing amazing now and wish you all the best! xx


P.S. If you have the time in the future, we would love an update on how you're doing now! :)

#3367019 Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter Wh...

Posted by smarie23 on 17 July 2013 - 03:22 AM

Hey everyone,


Thanks so much for following up with me. This has been a truly awful experience for me and it's really nice to hear that most have you have gone through very similar experiences! I would like to say that ideally, I'd like to start on an all natural method for my skin. I know that's a little difficult for the circumstances but I really do and would appreciate any further responses from people who have gone through similar experiences! I stopped the OCM a while back and am now back to my routine of Proactiv but my skin is still AWFUL. As in, I used to be mostly confident and very social and now I make excuses as to why I NEVER see my friends, family, or anyone outside of my normal routine of college classes and the grocery store. If anyone has ANY advice, I mean ANY, please share! Anything helps, even a friend to talk to in a similar situation!


Thank you all so much :)

Hey, I read someone elses post on here that they used the OCM and ended up with a load of clooged pores and acne. She used retin a and 50mg spiro to get clear. It took her about 7 months to clear but it did work. If you have cysts it will be probably better to treat it internally at the very least. I'd say if antibiotics have not worked, then go for spiro or accutane as those are most likely to work. What ever will clear you will take a few months for the cysts to go, so give it time x


I greatly appreciate your response Dee3 :) I actually saw my Derm recently and she said I should start the Spiro as well due to my hormonal acne. I've definitely considered it but have been nervous to begin the medication as I prefer to maintain a natural regimen-if possible! I definitely won't do Accutane as the consequences sound MUCH WORSE than the temporary resolution but again, I really thank you for responding to my post. Anything helps at this point :)

OMG this is my story exactly! I started OCM in February. I continued doing it for 2 1/2 months even though I was breaking out like crazy! I thought it was my skin purging. Finally I couldn't take it and returned to using proactiv which has always worked for me. I've been back on proactiv for 2 months and my skin looks HORRIBLE still! I don't want to leave the house! You are not alone. I wish I had never heard of the oil cleansing method!!!


You are my soul sister Alisonp27! I feel as though we are in the same exact boat. I HATE myself for trying the OCM. It has completely ruined my life in more ways than I can explain :( it's really nice to know that someone is out there who feels the same. I too am back on my faithful Proactiv and I too am getting no where :( that's why I think the OCM has screwed up my PH balance or something of the sort because Proactiv normally works relatively well (aside from the dry skin and small problems that I wish were the only dilemma right now) but I am getting NO WHERE as well! My skin just seems absolutely messed up from this. Have you found any sort of resolution since your post? Keep me posted! It's great having someone to talk to about this! :)

#3361019 Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter Wh...

Posted by smarie23 on 23 June 2013 - 06:58 PM

Hello everyone!


Thank you for stopping by this post! This is my first post on Acne.org and I can't believe it's taken me this long. I need help guys, so badly. In about October 2012, I read about the Oil Cleansing Method and before doing any sort of thorough research, I began the method. I am very interested and involved in natural and homeopathic remedies so I was thrilled when I discovered this! Within two months, my skin was as awful as it's ever been. Bumps and cystic acne EVERYWHERE. I initially thought it was the purging process but after about three months, I couldn't continue. It was when my coworkers (NOT the nicest women) began pointing it out, asking me rudely "if I've ever seen a dermatologist", and I went home crying that I couldn't bare this cleansing method anymore. I stopped the Oil Cleansing Method and returned to my ever faithful Proactiv system. Now, Proactiv has never actually completely cleared my skin but it's been much better than anything else out there. Except now that I've quit the oil cleansing treatment, it's not really working. Things got slightly better when I first started with Proactiv again but now it's not working. Clay face masks that once helped clear my skin don't work either. I'm currently covered with rolling scars and dark marks (hyperpigmentation from the scarring) and many, many continual pimples-both regular and cystic. I changed my diet and cut out both gluten and dairy, started incorporating much more fresh vegetables, and stopped drinking anything alcoholic except for an occasional glass of red wine. Nothing I'm doing helps my skin so I'm very concerned that I ruined the PH balance in my skin. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone ever experienced this and can offer any help? I don't go out and do anything social anymore because I don't want to meet anyone with this horrific skin. It's ruining my life and I will do ANYTHING to get it better.


Please help!!! I greatly appreciate any responses smile.png Thank you!