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Long-Term Cortisone Use Question - Will I Ever Heal? (Pics)

25 June 2014 - 04:41 PM

Hi everyone. Without going into my whole sob story, I'll lay it out there: 


I used a hydrocortisone + metro lotion on my chin daily for three years, per a derm's rx for what he said was perioral dermatitis, and upon stopping it a year ago, my skin has not returned to normal. If I use anything other than water -- even gentle, all-natural products, pure honey, or any type of oil -- I break out in perioral dermatitis bumps around my mouth, nose and eyes.


I'm at the point where I am only cleansing with water, which is not helping with the clogged pores on my chin, but I am more concerned my skin is not healing from the hydrocortisone use. As is, every day, it is red and slightly inflamed, but no dryness. I keep getting tempted to try new products that I think might help my skin heal, but I kid you not, every single thing causes my PD to flare.


Does anyone have any experience in this arena? I've read it typically takes 10-30% of the time the cortisone was used to heal, and I'm past that mark. I feel like I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place, because "washing" with water does not alleviate the bumpy, clogged pores that are all over my chin, but cortisone use has made my skin so sensitive, it's water or nothing.


I'd really appreciate any insight. Derms keep throwing things like Elidel and some new anti-redness meds at me, but I'm more focused on actually repairing the damage that was done, if possible.


Thank you!


Pic #1 is my chin on a "good" day (minus the big zit) -- super red and inflamed. And that's when it's at its calmest in the am.

Pic #2 is a small flare up of PD, after trying honey on my face. I get the small bumps all over -- many of the small whiteheads weren't picked up by the camera. 

Kicking Off New Regimen For Some Type Of Perioral Dermatitis

19 March 2014 - 01:23 PM

Hi all. I’ve posted my fair share of desperate pleas on this board, asking for help with my perioral dermatitis, and so far, nothing has worked. It appeared about four years ago, and for three, I used a derm rx’d metro + hydrocortisone lotion that totally suppressed it.  Over the past year I’ve tried antibiotics (oral and topical), antifungals, sulfur creams, black soap, demodex treatments, countless natural topicals like ACV and tea tree, and oral supplements like zinc and probiotics. I’ve also eliminated fluoride, SLS and other irritants, use only water to cleanse my face and wear no makeup whatsoever. I even got tested for food sensitivities and ate nothing “bad” for almost two months – no change. NOTHING makes a dent. Yes, some things dry the bumps up after the fact, but nothing has prevented them from appearing. That said, I feel it has to be something internal, and maybe if I do everything at once, in the (hopefully) right order, that will squash it. I’m posting my new regimen in the hopes 1. It keeps me accountable and 2. It helps others.


I’ll kick this off Friday with a colon cleanse. Saturday-Thursday, I’ll be doing an intense plant-based cleanse. And from then on out, I’ll be taking probiotics, zinc, an anti-candida med, cod liver oil and MSM supplements. I plan to continue using nothing topically, other than an evening primrose-based spot treatment on the particularly bad spots. As far as food goes, I’ll steer clear of the foods I’m sensitive to, and eat a lot of organic, fresh things like veggies, juices and chicken. I hope to have some semblance of improvement after a month -- do you think that's a fair assumption? 


Pics are attached. The skin around my mouth is constantly red and textured, and every day I get one or more bumps that resemble a whitehead but are fluid-filled and very superficial. Sometimes I get smaller bumps under my eyes and alongside my nose, too.


Anyway, this has been a really, really tough journey. I’ve had acne in the past but was always able to kick it (antibiotics, Accutane, etc.), and I wonder if those things actually drove me to have this condition by damaging my body. Every failed treatment has sunk me a little deeper into a hole of anxiety and depression. I know better than to get my hopes up with this, especially since I’ve tried eating SUPER healthy in the past and it had no effect, but maybe, just maybe, doing all this in conjunction will help my body turn a corner.


Any advice or support is very much so welcome. Updates will likely come every other day or so.

Please Help - 5 Months And No Diagnosis (Pic)

23 October 2013 - 09:09 AM

Edit: Attached a zoomed-in pic to better illustrate the constant whiteheads.


Hi all, it's been five months of derm visits and rxs, and I still am not sure exactly what I have. I was initially diagnosed with perioral dermatitis over 2 years ago, and my (stupid) derm gave me a lotion that contained hydrocortisone and metro. I used it for nearly two years, and it worked. Upon realizing how bad cortisone use is, I stopped it -- and my face flared dramatically. 


The flare phase has passed, but mini-eruptions have not. A more recent derm thought I might have demodex/rosacea, but ivermectrin + oral anti-parasitics did nothing. I've also tried finacea and antibiotics, to no avail. 


Here's what my condition is like: every day, I get a handful of small, fluid (not pus)-filled bumps. They appear around my mouth and nose, and to be honest, they aren't even inflamed most of the time. I can literally scratch them off (no popping needed, since they are so superficial), and while the area becomes red for a while, if I put some sulfur on it, it's back to normal the next day.


I'm washing with a black soap, which I feel at least keeps my skin healthy, but it is not preventing the small pimples (?). Has anyone heard of this? The bumps, which I get EVERY day, are never deep -- just small, whitehead-looking things that if smothered with sulfur, are almost always gone in 24 hours.


My derm seems to be puzzled and wants me to go on Accutane, and to be honest, I'm sick of dealing with this and will likely do it. I just don't like not knowing what the problem is -- what if I go on Accutane, and it doesn't knock it out? It doesnt help that the last two times I've gone in, I haven't had a fluid-filled bump to show her. 


I would really appreciate any help that can be given. I'm at my wit's end. 


*pic: if you look closely, several of those bumps have a small whitehead. Since using the soap the larger, non-whitehead bumps have diminished. All it takes is a slight scratch to pop them, and again, they are totally superficial.