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How Bad Are My Acne Scars?

22 June 2013 - 12:38 AM

My acne scars have been making me concerned. In certain lighting conditions they appear far less severe and in some conditions I can barely notice them at all. However, when I view them in other circumstances, I am shocked at how severe they appear. After these moments I feel incredibly self conscious and incapable of just being myself and acting naturally. In harsher lighting conditions I will often try to avoid looking in the mirror and during the day I will turn off the light in my bathroom to eliminate the effect. A few people have told me the scars are not bad and some say they have never even noticed them until I mention them, but I am not convinced. Unfortunately I had trouble uploading my images to the actual post but they are available in my only gallery album and I was just wondering how severe the scars look and if they detract from my overall appearance. Also if anyone has experienced similar difficulties, I wanted to know what you did to move through everyday life without giving them too much attention and not worrying. Thanks very much.