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In Topic: Thinking Of Trying Proactiv Plus.

02 March 2014 - 11:42 AM

I've been using proactiv plus for about a month now. So far it's been great! My acne is mild, no cysts of anything but it's never fully clear I always have some on my chin or cheeks. when I started my cheeks were starting to breakout pretty bad with some deep pimples. A month later they are gone and my acne scars on my cheeks are lightening. Right now my chin is breaking out (I can never seem to keep it clear) but I think it's because I'm on my period. My forehead always has little bumps and those are starting to clear up. So far the proactiv has really helped and my skin feels healthy. The products are not heavy but they do someone's make me a little dry so I also use a moisturizer with the regime. I would recommend it! Worth the money