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Hoping For Clear Skin On Accutane > 1 Month 2 Weeks

Posted 19 April 2014

So my skin is VERY different from when I started accutane. For the past 2 weeks I have been moved up my dosage.
(If you're new--read my other posts)
-30 mg for 2 weeks
-60 mg for 1.5 weeks--too much too soon--BAD Initial Breakout
-30 mg odd days, 60 mg even days for 1.5 weeks
***60 mg every day for the past 2 weeks
Moving Up...

Hoping For Clear Skin On Accutane > 1St Month On Accutane Finished

Posted 07 April 2014

I'm pretty excited because I am officially done with my 1st month on Accutane.
Beginning Dosage
I did like 2 weeks taking one 30mg pill per day, but then my derm bumped me up to one 30mg pill per day, and 2 30mg pills every other day. (so 30mg total on odd days, 60mg total on even days). 
Initial Breakout
I think going up this much wa...

Hoping For Clear Skin On Accutane > 3 Weeks Into Accutane

Posted 29 March 2014

Okay, so recap--
I am only 3 weeks into Accutane, but I started at a pretty medium dosage (30mg once/day). Then after a couple of weeks, I bumped up to 30mg once/day on odd calendar days and 60mg once/day on even calendar days. I think it might have been a bit too much too soon for my skin, and I had an initial breakout (which was made a lot worse...

Hoping For Clear Skin On Accutane > Advice For Healing Recent Red Marks?

Posted 24 March 2014

Hey I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to heal very recent red marks from acne while on Accutane?
I've been using toner, Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer, Olay regenerist moisturizer, and Vitamin E, and they're helping but nothing's really healing the red mark. 
I know most of this is due to the Accutane slowing the healing pr...

Hoping For Clear Skin On Accutane > Healing Slowly

Posted 23 March 2014

My skin still isn't looking that great..but the 2 huge red marks are slowly healing after applying toner and moisturizer to them for the past few days. I have a couple red marks on my forehead, which I'm less worried about because I could always cover those with my hair or a hat or something. But I'm hoping those go away too. 
I only have one...