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Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 24--Improvement + A Few Small Clogged Pores

Posted 16 April 2015

Hey everyone!
I really, really, really wish I had tried this regimen before resorting to Accutane last year, which didn't even cure my acne because it didn't target my face enough and didn't solve my problem of hormonal acne. 
Today was Day 24 of my regimen! My skin is doing SO well. Honestly, it's pretty crazy how much can change in ju...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Days 21 & 22!

Posted 14 April 2015

Yesterday was officially Day 21 (3 weeks) of being on my regimen:
Spironolactone (75 mg)
Atralin, aka topical retinoid (0.05%)
PanOxyl (4%) aka Benzoyl Peroxide face wash &
Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control

I have to say, I'm excited.
Progress in 3 weeks:
Compared to 3 weeks ago, my face is SO, SO, SO much improved. My complexion is SO much mor...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 20 On Topical Retinoid, Spiro, & Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

Posted 12 April 2015

Today was Day 20 on Spiro (75 mg), Benzoyl Peroxide face wash (PanOxyl 4%), and Atralin gel, aka topical retinoid (0.05%)!
Overall, things are improving
My face is doing so, so much better. The pink mark on my left cheek from that stubborn zit is fading and healing. There's a small pink mark on my right cheek that's fading. And there's a bit of a...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 19 - Things Are Improving/healing

Posted 11 April 2015

Hey everyone!
So I'm doing pretty good right now (knock on wood. knock on wood. knock on wood). 
Summary of weeks 1,2, and almost week 3:
Week 1 -  Drying out. Skin shedding its top layer. Starting to get small bumps/ more zits.
Week 2 -  INITIAL BREAKOUT. Happened to forehead first, then in different sections of my face. Broke out on...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > What To Do If You Have A Stubborn Underground Zit/possible Cyst

Posted 11 April 2015

Stubborn Zit on Left Cheek FINALLY drying up/ going away
If you've been following my blog, you know I've had a stubborn zit for about a week or so. It started out as a painful mark, then turned into an underground zit (without a whitehead), then got smaller and looked as though eventually it would turn into a whitehead but never did, dried up a bi...