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Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Ugh. It's Going To Be A Weekend Of Solitude

Posted 25 July 2015

My face had a pretty deep clogged pore on my lower right jawline, and needless to say, I initially pinched it/poked at it. It got red and somewhat more inflamed. I tried to calm it down the past couple days, and I've made it worse.

I really made it worse last night by putting hydrogen peroxide on the area. Pretty much it's very red, very inflamed, and I...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 121 (Starting Week #18)

Posted 24 July 2015

It's Day 121.. which is very weird to say.

Last week my skin was pretty good, but I had a few red marks that I was covering from two weeks ago, still. Only a couple of small pores purged.

This week, things were going great, just a few small red marks that were still healing. However, I got one inflamed underground clogged pore on my right lower jawline...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 109- Praying My Skin Heals Fast!

Posted 12 July 2015

It's Day 109...only a few days away from the 4 month mark of being on RetinA and OrthoTriCyclen (I stopped taking Spironolactone a few weeks ago, but may get back on it after talking with my dermatologist this week).

I have a red mark on my left chin, a couple of red marks on my right cheek that are healing slowly, and a red mark on my right chin.
I'm tr...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Had 2 Weeks Of Great Skin, & 1 Terrible One

Posted 12 July 2015

I had a couple weeks of great skin--granted, a pore purging here and there, but still, overall a clear complexion.
I could tell that there were still small pores that would purge, but they weren't yet.

Then this past week, my period came (a week early again) and my skin went haywire. I had a bunch of clogged pores pushing out, whiteheads, and deeper pore...

Hoping For Clear Skin with Spironolactone & Atralin > Day 85 & Some Deeper Pimples

Posted 18 June 2015

It's been a few days since I've posted. I'm a bit perplexed because I feel like there are very few clogged pores left on my face. And yet, I've gotten some deeper zits the past week or so.

A couple weeks ago I had a flare of purging, then things got so much better and my face healed, and then a bit more purging, more healing, and now a couple more deep...