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Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

17 June 2013 - 11:14 AM

Hi everyone,


I've taken diane 35 for 6 years because of my hormonal acne but now I became ugly spider veins :( at a age of only 20  and I'm sure that diane has caused them because I do not smoke or drink, my weight is 45 kg and I do sport. In Germany Diane is the only thing you get for hormonal acne and pcos but as I want to stop it I have to find a alternative. I read a lot about spironolactone that is not allowed in Germany as a treatment for hormonal acne but in the U.S it is widely spread. Now I would like to ask you if spironolactone can cause spider veins such as the estradiol in diane or does it not influence the veins? What do you think can I substitute diane through spironolactone? or is accutane a better solution in order to avoid a bad breakout after stopping diane.


Hope to get some answers from you. I would also appreciate it if you could recommend me good doctors/medical centers/hospitals in the U.S (or England) using spironolactone for hormonal acne because I want to go there to get more information about spiro as in Germany they only want to give me contraceptive pills liken diane -.-


Thank you in advance :) sorry my english is not the best