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In Topic: Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

04 August 2013 - 08:24 AM

Please, Solneshka, keep updating about your experience with Saw Palmetto. I have been taking Diane35 for 5 years, and I am so scary to go off. I have to point out that Diane35 was not a cure, but my acne became less severe than before taking diane35.


I tried Spiro, but I fainted after a week taking Spiro because I have low blood pressure and I was taking a low dosage 50 mg/ day.


Hey mikito I started saw palmetto but as I wrote the post above I went to a endocrinologist and now thinking about the surgery so I stopped saw palmetto because i should not take any pills if i plan to do this surgery. But I can tell you that my mom started to take saw palmetto 320 mg per day and for her it works wonderfully. She has some hormonal imbalances because of the menopause.  I think in your case a higher dosage would be advisable. I really can understand your fear to go off, I had the same problem but  I decided to try it because I really hate diane because of those horrible side effects. And I really hope that there is another way to cure my acne 

In Topic: Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

04 August 2013 - 07:45 AM

Hi guys,

I had exam time at university and was very busy. I just wanted to inform you that I stopped taking diane and my skin is getting worse from day to day. It is really frustrating :(( but I went to a endocrinologist who is specialised in pcos and he strongly advised me to do a surgery called ovarian drilling in order to lower my testosterone level and to get regular periods. The aim is to balance my hormonal system which is the reason why I have acne. He told me that the surgery is ideal for women who have pco and are not overweight. 

I am not sure if I should do this but on the other hand if it works it can help me so that I do not have to take pills like diane -.- all my life. I also thought that if my hormonal balance is granted by this surgery maybe a second round of accutane will finally cure me.

So what do you think about his advise? Does somebody have experience with this ovarian drilling? 

In Topic: Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

19 June 2013 - 04:46 AM

According to my doctor i have pcos i have acne and irregular periods but i do not have hirsutism or problems with overweight. My mom has also pcos she had an operation because of that a long time ago. After the operation she told me that her problems with acne had become better.

In Topic: Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

18 June 2013 - 07:33 AM

Hello thank you so much for your answers :) I think I got from you more answers to my problems than from all doctors I spoke to in Germany. I think i will try Saw Palmetto after quitting diane and then see how it will work. The thing that I'm most afraid of is a bad breakout and I think after taking diane for 6 years it will be horrible  but on the other side having these problems with my veins is also bad and it affects very much my little self-confidence. Green Gables could you tell me if Saw Palmetto has the same side effects as spironolactone? I heard that when taking spironolactone you have to watch out regarding potassium-based food. And I would like to know if it can normalise my irregular period. Since I started Diane I didn't have this problem but I think when i stop taking it the problem will come back. Is there any possibility to handle that without using contraceptive pills?