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Tazorac Has Worked!

11 October 2013 - 09:15 AM

Im not quite sure if this is where I should post this but I came back on here to give hope to others.

I knoe not everything works for everyone buy I feel some people dont apply taz right and dont give it enough time. Time is the important concept here.

I have had acne since I was about 9 years old and I am now 21 and it has been really bad some years and sometimes just a little better due to thr millions of things Ive tried.  Been to many derms,  put on many topicals and creams, antibiotics,  birth control,  have tried every facewash and over the counter products,  tried
changing my diet,  taking vitamins,  and have even been on 2 rounds of accutane. BBBoth times cleares me up for about half a year but it always camr back.

I had been on tazorac before but I was young and had used it wrong. I used way more than pea sizes, did not wait to apply after washing,  and did not give it enough timr because the initial breakout was bad.  If any of those three things apply to you I highly reccomend giving it another shot because coming from someone who has had completely unbeatable and unbearable acne, even after accutane, I'm sure this could work for others too.

My regimen:
wash face with neutragena acne free face wash
I apply a product by clean clear after drying called acne spot treatment. It has SA in it and def helps to reduce pimples and very much helps during initial breakout. My derm had given me aczonr but honestly I feel like this stuff works way better.
Then I moisturize with cerave moisturizer

wash face with cetaphil gentle clenser
Let dry for 15 to 20 mins VERY IMPORTANT
then that is it. When I first started I would wash off after an hour for the first week oe two and my face was really dry so I would apply cerave night moisturizer but after I got used to the taz I just used it because it works better alone.
Im typing this on my phone and its almost impossible to edit what ive written so what I meant to say ilafter let dry for 15 mins is to apply a pea size of tazorac ...

Anyway it took about 3 1/2 months to get my skin clear and its so worth it. The inital breakout is bad and I'm also on thr antibiotic doxycycline once a day but I'm about to quit that.  Yesterday I got maybr first new pimple in about 3 weeks and its very small. Ive read that you see complete results at 6 months so I'm super excited because I just passed the4 month mark about a week ago.

My red marks were super bad. During thr firat three months every new pimple I got left a really red ugly mark. It looked like ihad more pimples than idid because of all the marks. I was getting so discouraged and wanted to give up buy didnt and im so glad. Noe my red marks are fading and my complexion is better than ever.

Give this a try if you havent anf most of all be patient. There is hope for everyone!!

Oh and I stopped eating dairy anf sugar and thar seemed to help..now I'm eating sugar again and it doesn't seem to break me out with taz. Wanting to try dairy again but I'm a little nervous but I plan on it but yes I do also believe diet has atleast a little bit of influence on acne

Makeup Over Tazorac?

10 August 2013 - 11:30 AM

has anyone put tazorac on ay night or day but then wanted to go out so put makeup on after applying?

I only use bare minerals and I was just curious. sometimes I work late so I had to switch to using tazorac in the morning sometimes. it has been working wonders and im on week 11 now but I want to make sure it will still work if I put it on then apply foundation?

anyone have any experience with this?? thanks! id like to know because if its a bad idea I need to figure out a different way and time to use taz

Red Marks After Every Pimple I Get On Tazorac?

09 July 2013 - 10:51 AM

okay, so i'm on week 5 and my pimples are definitely subsiding but, for every pimple i get, whether i pop it or not it leaves a red mark.

is that normal? i haven't even popped pimples since like week 3 because i thought that was the case (i know i shouldn't be doing it anyways) but now that i've stopped they're still leaving red marks.

will tazorac heal these marks in time...? they won't stay forever will they? because even though i have like 2 pimples on myface, it looks like i have 20 because of all the red marks!

i just started using the cream that i used to use to get rid of my scars and marks after accutane, which worked. i'm puting it on in the mornings so hopefully it will work for this.


but what i want to know is, is this normal? does it just take time for them to dissapear? or is tazorac not working well with my skin? has anyone else had this problem?

Initial Breakout From Taz?

21 June 2013 - 09:56 AM

How long did it lasts for you? And what weeks were they in? Would like to hear from people that tazorac worked for. And when did you start seeing improvement.


I'm on my 14 day mark and my skin is worse than its been since I started. Up to two days ago, I was only getting normal pimples, maybe a little less than usual. Now it is insane! :( I'm getting discouraged

Tazorac Questions

16 June 2013 - 07:55 PM

I have been on tazorac for almost a week and a half now. I think I was on it when I was younger, but did not stick with it since I was so young!


Pretty much I have had acne since I was in 3rd grade. I am now 21 and still suffer from it. Have tried different kinds of birth control, changing my diet, and I have even done accutane twice. The accutane cleared my acne both times but only for a few months afterwards, then it came back but it definitely is not as bad as it was before the accutane. I also eat completely dairy free ( I miss pizza :( ) and when I can gluten free. I also limit my surgar.


Has anyone else done accutane, it not worked, then had results from tazorac? 


I am now breaking out in places I don't usually break out and my skin is SO dry around my mouth.

I am just curious to how long the initial breakout lasts and if this breakout is going to get much worse as time goes on? Right now I have about 6 new pimples on my face that appeared today.


How long should I stick with the tazorac? I'm also taking doxycycline and using cerave moisturizer.


Does anyone have any tips if tazorac worked for them? I have been reading up and currently I wash my face, wait 20 minutes, apply tazorac, wait 10, then wash it off with water. Then I wait about 10 more minutes and put moisturizer on and I only do the taz at night.


I have been facing acne for over 10 years now and I just want to feel good about myself and I have no self confidence because of it. And after accutane twice..I just don't know what to do anymore