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My Acne Scar Journey

19 March 2014 - 01:29 AM

im 21 and i have had severe acne scars since i was 19.I had bad cystic acne at 18 then i used a dull dermaroller. i posted pics a while ago and now have a video showing my scars.https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be    .  its been hard dealing with haveing scars and im behind in college but now im getting used to living with them.I also have hope to improve them.feel free to leave any advice on treatment or any info or comments 

Im Very Depressed Need Help

17 July 2013 - 11:00 PM

i am 20 and have been dealing with severe acne for about 2 years.It has left me very scarred and sad and made my friends and girls who liked me abandon me.I feel like ill always get rejected now and never get married.I also want advice about getting laser,subcision,excision,and fillers.Which will work best.I sad being super ugly my goal is to get as normal as i can.I want a normal life AND IM GONNA Take a year off of college to get some work done.I wish I could have a dating life and social life again.In high school iprobably dated like 15 girls oh what I would do to have 1 of them like me again.I just feel like I have alot to offer im smart,funny,athletic,kind,adventurous,a great conversationalist,and very well rounded.

My Horrible Acne Scar Journey

16 June 2013 - 02:56 PM

Well i am 20 and at 18 I got super bad cystic acne.Then I just popped my pimples and never went to the doctors.In 1 year I had like 10 cystic acne breakouts and got worser acne scars each time.Its sad I went from perfect clear skin to the worse skin ever in 2 years.Also all my cool friends abanoded me because im ugly now and i went from having 50 friends to two.I also think its caused from my overload of college classes and im,also losing my hair.Now I feel like my life is ruin.I went from having alot of confidence and got alot of attention from hot girls and now even the ugly girls look down on me.I am now started seeing a dermatologist who is trying to control my flareups so i can get laser this year.I feel like laser is my only hope to regain my old life back.I know I wont be 100 percent but I just want to look normal at least 60 to 70 percent improvement and getting rid of discoloration.Theres days I dont want to give up because knowing my future is so limited.Also I feel like my parents dont understand how I feel.I just want my old life back I took it so for granted and i was very shallow.i went from looking my age to lookimg 35 and people always call me sir or how many kids do you have.I hate my life because I cant be a social butterfly anymore because Im repulsive to people,

Im even more upset now because girls wave to me far away and think im cute because I dress good.Though once they get close enough and see my scars they give me a look of disgust and like they feel sorry for me.Also I think my acne scars are the worst out there and online as of what ive seen