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#3382679 My Story + Acne Sucks But It Has Made Me A Better Person!

Posted by Clear My Skin on 15 September 2013 - 06:45 AM

You have summed up my thoughts exactly! I feel I'm really open minded thanks to acne, as I've learnt to accept others and empathise with people. I come across such narrow minded people day in day out in school and it makes me wonder how people can think such stupid things... So yes, thank you acne for making me more empathetic and open minded.

#3366237 Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

Posted by Clear My Skin on 14 July 2013 - 05:24 AM

Day #17:
Sup my Regimen pals! Doing pretty well today. Skin actually seems to be doing REALLY good in terms of texture and the lack of redness, like I've seen so much improvement in my cheeks and chin, it's pretty crazy. My only main issue right now? Had a big whopper of a pimple appear in the center of my forehead...If it wasn't attached to me I would KILL IT WITH FIRE :P But that seems to be the only active I have right now. I knew something was going on there because it started as a clogged pore and then advanced overnight. I'm still feeling really good though even though I have this one major active, one active compared to a shitload of actives is a major improvement any way you look at it, haha. Here are some progress pics for you guys. Sorry that I'm shirtless in one of them lol :P I take most of my progress pics after I shower when I'm getting dressed for work. 

This one is from yesterday, I was feeling great about my skin because I took this pic at just a normal distance from the mirror and honestly I don't think you can even tell that I have much of anything wrong with my skin, can barely even see my hyper-pigmentation marks so I was stoked about that.
This one is from today. Note my lack of enthused expression at seeing the big one on my forehead, haha :P
Anyways, hope you guys are doing good and I'm wishing you all well. 

Wow, your skin looks amazing! I didn't even notice the spot until you said about it! Keep it up!