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Posted by Clear My Skin on 06 March 2015 - 02:08 PM

Day 12


Oh my Goodness, I literally have the flakiest skin ever. Like when I get out the shower I have a beard of flakes, and it's even on my forehead too. I've just been applying loads of cetaphil moisturising cream to combat this but I still feel really self conscious about the flakes! Does anybody know how long flaking lasts on Roaccutane?


Also, my face is so so so painful to touch right now. Like when I'm washing if I gentle spread my face wash over it, I get the most awful pain and it's actually horrible. I think it's just the crappy painful spots coming up though as a result of Roaccutane, I literally can't wait for the initial breakout to be over because this is the worst skin I've ever had in my life, lol strongsad.gif


I've noticed my back becoming quite sore and achey which is kind of annoying because I work eight hours at a checkout every week, which means I have to lean over and things but it could be worse I guess. My lips also seem drier although I've bought some vaseline to help out with out.


There isn't really any more improvements, except my skin is less oily on my nose but still seems to be the same on my forehead? I can't wait for my oily skin to go lool. sign_owned.gif


Thank you for reading guys rolleyes.gif

#3382679 My Story + Acne Sucks But It Has Made Me A Better Person!

Posted by Clear My Skin on 15 September 2013 - 06:45 AM

You have summed up my thoughts exactly! I feel I'm really open minded thanks to acne, as I've learnt to accept others and empathise with people. I come across such narrow minded people day in day out in school and it makes me wonder how people can think such stupid things... So yes, thank you acne for making me more empathetic and open minded.