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Straying From Clean Diet Occasionally Experiences?

14 June 2013 - 11:06 AM

Hello everyone. I'm new here and just made an account because i've read some of these posts and this seems a good place to ask this question. I am 22 year old male and I have had acne pretty much since I hit puberty. It stopped for a while in my late teens but recently became horrible, with cysts. It was so bad at one point that I went to the dermatologist and he almost immediately said I should go on accutane because it was so bad. I refused because I don't want that in my body and have read the horrible side effects. This was probably 9 or 10 months ago. He prescribed me tretinoin cream and some antibiotic pills and antibiotic cream. I stopped taking the antibiotics after a few days because I don't want to be on antibiotics long term. I patiently used the cream and I felt like it was somewhat helping but very slowly. I travelled to Indonesia and Philippines about a month after starting the cream and noticed while I was there my acne was getting better at a faster rate then when in America. Even though it was very humid and hot there and It was hard to use good face products there. When I returned I continued to use the cream and got better but still some acne and cysts.

Finally I started p90x which made me research dieting and I began to cut out all sugar and grains from my diet. I still had dairy but a lot less and only in the form of some cheese and plain greek yogurt sometimes. Mostly I ate meat, vegetables (alot), and sometimes sweet potato and brown rice. I noticed that my acne improved drastically and my skin felt less greasy. I then realized my whole life I have been a horrible eater and love greasy fat, sugary food and can eat alot. I was never overweight so I never saw it as a problem. Now I am looking more ripped and also have almost no acne. Last week I got sick and was a little depressed about certain things and started eating a lot of bad food for about 5 days straight. (sweet potato fries, gyros, burgers, cheesecake, icecream, pizza, cookies). It's like I woke up a few days ago and became a landmine of cysts and acne. I looked horrible and felt horrible. So I am on day 4 of eating clean again and it is starting to definitely clear up and I feel less oily. Sorry for the long story!!


My main question is, I want to be able to have maybe at least 1 day a week or maybe once every 2 weeks where I eat foods I love such as desserts or greasy foods like pizza or burgers. I am not exactly sure what causes me to break out so for now I am going to do the elimination thing. So In people's experience do you guys have 1 day where you eat whatever or occasionally eat whatever and manage your acne still? Or am I sentenced to a life with eating clean to prevent my acne? Thanks!