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In Topic: At My Wits' End...

22 June 2013 - 03:19 PM

Hi again smile.png


I'm living in Sweden, but I'm from Australia- my sister from Aus came to visit me, and she bought me the doxycycline tablets i'd left at home, but there was only about twenty- i took them for about two weeks and then gave up again because they take so long to even show any results, and i didn't have enough for that!

Yep, it definitely holds you back!

I want to chat with a doctor about it, but doctors here sometimes don't speak english so well- I Skyped my australian mother this morning about it, and we talked about the possibility of Accutane- but I also have Celiac disease (gluten) so we're not sure how safe it will be-

but i'm so over my skin that I'm willing to put up with potential nosebleeds, joint pain, etc i think....
I'm just wondering if my GP here can automatically put me on Accutane? Because otherwise it will take SO long to get into a dermatologist here!

Really? I always thought the Swedish are good at speaking English. But aren't you good at speaking Swedish when you've lived there for 5 months?

Oh, you're from the UK. Most users on this website are from the US, that's why I automatically assumed that. Do you guys use kg, too?

I don't have to be referred by my GP. I can choose my doctors myself, luckily. I picked the new derm because she had very good reviews on the internet.


Yes, but i've just had so many experiences with doctors here who use different terms for words i thought were the same in english and swedish, and I don't know so much swedish to be able to have a full medical conference with my GP..!

In Topic: Acne Is Controlling My Life

22 June 2013 - 03:17 PM

Hey I'm a sixteen year old boy. I feel your pain. I know acne isn't the same for boys and girls, but I had SEVERE acne. I wa afraid to look at myself. I wanted to shut myself in my room and never come out. Then I started accutane. Do I encourage it? Well, I'd have to judge that by the severity of the acne. I know that different people have different ideas of 'severe'. Accutane was my last resort. I had tried everything and nothing had worked for me. I Feel that acne is in my genetic makeup actually. But back to the point. Minocycline did suppress the acne a bit, but accutane took my face from exploding to merely a few white heads in a matter of five months. Granted, those five months weren't all dandy and great. Hardest months of my life. The effects of accutane never go away. Dry skin everyday. Dry lips everyday. But better than having acne? YES! Now, i felt the same way as you. Almost exactly. I felt that if my acne went away, id have the entire world in my hands and my life would be absolutely perfect. And you know, it kinda was after accutane. Then I had a relapse but that's beside the point again. I'm currently back on accutane. And it's going okay. Just as for advice, don't examine and judge yourself too harshly. There is more to a person than acne. It does not define you. Just let you inner beauty shine and eventually your acne will go away. When you need to see a dermatologist, do so immediately. Do not hesitate. As soon as possible, seek a dermatologists opinion on your skin, and maybe if you're lucky, you can get accutane. Now again, I don't know just how bad your skin is, but either way I know it can make you miserable. Just stick with your greatest friends and live your life. I look t it like this. If people don't like you because you have acne, they don't deserve you. Find the friends that admire you for who you really are. Then when your acne goes away, you can have a great life. Be happy. Get better. That's all there is to it. I've accepted acne as part of my life but I do no let it control me. And my life is still pretty great. I have a beautiful girlfriend and the greatest and most supportive friends. They don't care that I have acne because they see past that. They care about me. So just...I hope this helped. If you ever need any advice or questions, just ask.

Thank you so much! Wow, I don't have words for all that, it made me feel so much better..! I'm thinking of starting accutane, I had a huge discussion with my mother about it, and i'm willing to deal with the side effects if it means this goes away!

In Topic: At My Wits' End...

22 June 2013 - 01:42 PM

It's okay, I'm learning to deal with stomach pains and all... I heard being gluten-free has cleared up acne on a lot of people, but unfortunately not in my case!

I'm an exchange student actually! I've been here for five months and I'm here for another 6-7 before I go back home banana.gif

In Topic: At My Wits' End...

22 June 2013 - 01:21 PM

Hmm... I've googled heaps about Celiac and Accutane, and I've heard that Accutane can cause Celiac Disease, but that's not a problem of mine because I already have it haha..

Ugh blood tests.. I'm not sure how they do things here in Sweden, and I hope they know what Accutane is- I google translated it, because some things have funny foreign names, but Accutane is Accutane in Swedish! I've had problems with GPs here before because I haven't spoken up when they've said nothing was wrong with me (I've battled severe stomach pains since I arrived here!) so I think you're right.. I might have a better shot with a GP if I make it really clear that I've tried everything and this is the last resort!

In Topic: Help With My Lips! (Pic Attached)

22 June 2013 - 01:17 PM

Do you shave really often? I'm a girl, but perhaps it's your razor or shaving cream which is irritating your skin?

Also, do you lick your lips a lot? It could be becoming a rash..?