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Redness Wont Go Away

22 December 2013 - 02:41 AM

So I had this pimples two weeks ago, picked them and now they are not anymore full of puss but instead red marks that look very nasty. I tried to recover my skin using toothpaste, garlic, lemon juice and cucumber on them. Even aspirin mask.


However, they seem to heal very very slow. Anyone knows a better method to make these marks turn faster to the real skin color ? I dont know what to do because tomorrow I must go to a huge meeting and im full of red marks !

Lets Find The Supreme Cure

02 December 2013 - 04:52 AM

Alright, we all have it, ACNE.


It sux, we suffer from it, some doctors don`t even know so much information about it that we know ! why ? because the medical system is old, wrong and pathetic.


Accutane ? no.


Diet ? yes. For me diet worked, but I still get it. I am 22 now and I can get tons of cysts from milk + chocolate. While my friend drinks cola day by day and never had a pimple. A SINGLE PIMPLE !


So we have this gene, yes. I call it acne gene because some have it, some don`t. My mom has it, but my acne is worse.


I honestly believe that it is caused by 'modern civilisation' because free pollution countries and free fast-food countries are acne free. Like natural living.


But 'wishclear' knows more about genetics and she said that it is not caused by diet. The different gene. I wanna know why some have this gene, some dont and also why it is causing food sensitivity

Massive Breakout After Sweating / Working Out Gym

22 October 2013 - 09:47 AM

I get massive acne after working out or running a few miles, why is this happening ? I am so pissed off. I wanna train and make a full contact sport but this is like an obstacle for me.


I do a sort of karate and each time I get kicked in an area (ex chest) the next day I get a few pimples there . It drives me nuts. What is the cause of this ? I thought sport would be good for acne