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Adapalene 0.1/minocycline

26 July 2013 - 12:25 PM

I've been using the above mentioned topical cream and pill for chest/facial acne sicne late April... My face has remarkably cleared up to the point where I really don't get any major zits anymore. However, recently, the acne on my chest (which has always been blackheads anyways) has been flaring up and im noticing little red dots without a head and they lack any sort of "bump"... just flat skin really. I don't know whether I should continue the medication or if its just making it worse now cause im 3 months in. 


Also, just a tip: cutting out dairy products, especially milk, helps a ton lol (or positive placebo? :o)

Scratched Skin Off, Left With Large Scab

06 June 2013 - 02:01 PM

So for the last few months my back and shoulders have been relatively clear besides blackheads and whatnot but last night I came across a little cyst that looked just about ready to pop... Could I have been more wrong... After minutes of scratching I managed to pop it but it was definitely not worth it for the damage I did to my skin. I'm left with a pretty damn big scab and I was wondering what I could do to speed up the healing process as in worried that neosporin will just clog my pores.