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27 July 2013 - 06:56 PM

Double topic posting plus advertising link

I am not advertising. If you look at some of my other posts you can see pictures of me and my acne. Heck, I'm just wanting advice on products to help heal my train-wreck skin. Besides everybody else posts links all the time!

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27 July 2013 - 03:14 PM

Ill second what the previous posted said. "EEK" with the antibiotics. No one (that im aware of) has ever been CURED of acne from them (for some they work while they are on it, and thats it) for many, it makes it worse in the end (this i HAVE seen, MANY times, myself included...) Wash once a day an hour before bed like previous poster stated. do NOT use any scrubs of ANY kind. Get some UNprotected sun, you dont have any other problems than acne so 10 minutes at a time SHOULD be ok. 2-3 hours out of sun, another 5-10 mins IN the sun. Were are Designed toi require sunlight, you NEED it to be healthy, just dont get burned.


IMO, I would avoid the probiotics also, not much research has been done in this area, and i feel messing with your gut  ecology in anyway is detrimental.


If changing your diet helpped with the acne, it is a digestive issue. This could be from poor gut bacteria, either inherited or self induced (antibiotics). Takes years to resolve, but good chance that it will. Eat very small amounts of the foods that you think give you acne if you plan to ever eat them again (if not you can cut them out forever) but if you eat just a SMALL amount, your digestion will have to adapt to digest it, if possible. Surging horomones have to be filtered through the liver, which will hinder on digestion also, this will resolve in time should it be the case.




and id LOVE to say NO ANTIBIOTICS, but im not a doctor and many will argue that with me, so thats upto you, but id strongly advise against them. Your body is NOT in balance, and antibiotics will not help that, in fact, will make it worse.


Just be gentle with it, dont overwash, use a gentle cleanser, drink lots of clean water (multi stages filtration / UV light) avoid foods that are KNOWN bad for digestion (GMO's work by exploding the intestines of insects .. scary, avoid. Caffine causes gut inflammation as does refinded flour and gluten. these can be cut out. eat small amounts of dairy if possible, dairy has health benefits and if you can digest them thats good, but in small amounts) No heavy raw vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower, lightly steam these, makes it easier to digest.


so just do easy on your digestion / skin.


I have a hunch your acne would be less if you havent tried so many things to get rid of it. dont freak out if you get a breakout, your body is TRYING to balance itself, help it along by just trying to be healthy and gentle (skin is NOT self destructive, but the stuff we put ON our skin is, keep that in mind.


Again, not to counter the advise of the previous posters, as they have some good points, Id strongly advise your stop probiotics as well. They dont actually colonize in your gut, and may help while they are there, but once you stop taking them you lose the benefits. Better to let your system work it out by itself. and yes, this takes a LONG time (your body doesnt like rapid change, will do so gradually) which is why you shouldnt eliminate any foods (except caffine / refined sugar) cold turkey, and just work your way down to smaller and smaller amounts of the foods you think you react to. then stay at that minmal level untill acne seems to clear up (months / years who knows) then slowly start increasing them up again, if you do so choose. should be fine at this point.


If you find you cannot tolerate a certain food AT ALL, then eliminate it, but i think a restrictive diet is unhealthy.

fruits/vegies/meat/fish/whole grain (amarath, quinoa, millet) and long grain brown rice, we are MEANT to eat. Eggs/dairy/sugar/most bread(refined white/brown/whole wheat) we have adapted to eat, may cause problems in some.


Caffine/junk/processed we are NOT meant to eat and havent really adapted to eating and wont, as they offer little nutrition. Once in awhile is perfectly ok, just dont count it as FOOD or DRINK. its a treat.


lighly cooked vegetables are easier to digest, and you may absorb more nutrients from them. cook till slightly soft, steamed if possible, microwave kills less nutrients than boiling. DO NOT OVER COOK lol, or they are useless almost.


Dont mess with your gut, treat it well.


Dont drink much water 30-45 minutes after eating, this will lower stomach acid, hinder digestion and also your stomach lets water pass through almost immediatly, if there is food in there, some food will get thru with the water and wont be digested as well. If you need to drink after eating just a small amount of water, to rinse mouth or help reduce thrist (if you are VERY thirsty after eating drink a glass of water, listen to your body) but generally, if your not that thirsty, its better not to drink alot of water immediately after eating. the best choice would be have a peppermint tea ready to sip on after meals. Peppermint aids in proper digestion/assimilation of nutrients. Sip on water through the rest of the day.


Get a small, easy digested snack an hour before bed (can of tuna, couple piece of toast for example) and than a full glass of water right before bed.


the food will help you get a better sleep, and the water will help clean you out while you sleep.





But would probiotics do any harm? I'm confused if i should take it or not now after hearing most people say they can only be beneficial.

You will need to go to a chemist, pharmacy or drugstore and if you can't find that specific brand, look for one with at least 15 billion probiotics per capsule.
I wouldn't buy online because you are right that the pills would be worthless by the time they reach you and I mean whether or not the brand is the best or worst!
Probiotics must be kept refrigerated between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius and delivery simply can't achieve this environment.

Thank you! In regard to the aloe vera, does this brand look good to you? Claims to be 100% pure aloe with out any chemicals or additives.

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27 July 2013 - 09:49 AM


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26 July 2013 - 11:48 PM

Good for you with the healthy eating! Really keep it up!
Ok.. Now for my prognosis and prescription!

You noted that you have tried all antibiotics. Eek!
You also noted you are eating very healthily.
You then noted you cut out dairy.

Antibiotics have KILLED off your good bacteria, and the balance of bad and good bacteria in your gut and subsequently on your skin has been destroyed.
Eating healthily to me, shows me that your diet is alkaline based and you are eating low amounts of inflammatory food (no refined or processed foods) and so your body is reasonably clean from toxins and mess, so it can't be that your body is flushing toxins through your skin but that your skin is crawling with bad bacteria and infecting your pours.
The fact you are not eating dairy means there is no replenishment of good bacteria found in things like milk and yoghurt to balance this bad bacteria.

You my friend have killed off all your probiotics and are not replacing them!
You will need to buy a probiotic (preferably 'inner health plus') that is dairy free or lactose and gluten free immediately if you want to see results by the start of college. If you are already taking them, up your dosage because your spironolactone may also be killing them.
I am a chemist and this is what I would prescribe anyone who came into my store with that story and that forehead so trust me!

Once you have taken your first pill of probiotics, you NEED to apply aloevera to your head as a topical treatment. Nothing else. Wash your face at night, then apply Aloe Vera immediately to the open pores from the warm or hot water. This will provide the perfect environment for healthy skin growth and healing and will oxidise your skin (kill bad bacteria). It also moisturises the skin and promotes quick shedding for dead or broken skin so that you can get rid of that mess n your forehead.

It's budding, so make quick movements to avoid a breakout! That hasn't broken out yet.

Thank you so much for your response! I actually do take a probiotic but it's definitely not nearly as strong as the Inner Health Plus brand you recommended (which I googled). Also I will try the aloe vera. I am wondering... Where should I purchase that probiotic brand from? You can't order it directly from the company. I have heard it really matters where you buy probiotics as some stores ship out their products in a way that kills a lot of the live good bacteria. Thanks again for your advice! This was immensely helpful.

In Topic: (Picture) Red Mottled Skin Covered In Blackheads And Pimples

26 July 2013 - 02:37 PM

I should also say that I am on Spironolactone right now as my derm thinks this may be due to hormones. However, she said that the Spironolactone will not help with the blackheads, red marks, or inflammation. Time will tell if it gets rid of the active pimples. Also, the blackheads are extremely deep-seated and stubborn.