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Roaccutane Log

04 June 2013 - 11:07 AM

I'm not sure any one will actually read this but oh well, I've been reading through all the roaccutane logs on here for a few months and i decided I wanted to make one for myself to read at the end :) 


My acne is mild/moderate but persistant and also really effects my confidence. I'ma girl, nearly 17 and started getting spots at around 14 and they've been getting worse. I started going to the gp and tried all the topical things, a few antibiotics and birth control. When none of these worked i went back and mentioned roacutane and she referred me to a dermatologist. My appoitment was 2 months later where the derm prescribed me it after blood test and pregnancy tests. A week later i got the tablets.I am taking 25mg a day at the moment and i dunno if this will be changed or not.


Today - Week 1 (day 7):

First 2 days i didnt notice any changes but at around day 2 i got a mild headache that stayed until about day 5. When i got it i started drink water everyday and it went away. I started to get slightly dry lips around day 3/4 but this is ok when i put chap stick on, but if i dont have it on they feel itchy and tight. Today i noticed my nose was more dry and the skin was flaking but not like that any where else on my face. Spots havent really changed yet or got worse. Feeling slightly less oily.