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Ziana Log!

31 May 2013 - 01:19 PM

Yesterday evening I started a run of Ziana. I'll be using it in conjunction with doxycycline 100mg, 1x per day.


I am very concerned, for numerous reasons, the first being the effect the retnoid will have on my skin texture. I generally have small pores (excepting T-Zone) and a fair complexion. Recently I've been experiencing clogged comedones from improper skin care. (I began using products with mineral oil, despite never having done so, and experienced non-cystic pimples around my entire face.) 


My acne is mild, primarily on chin. However, the acne I do get is painful and cystic, and the scars are threatening my complexion, as my skin is too translucent. I began experiencing these hormonal cysts in the summer of 2011. Prior to 2011, my skin was clear. I had other problems, but my skin was clear.



Although the Ziana is a risk, as my skin is mild and could potentially worsen from this treatment, my OCD and slight BDD is leaving me no choice. I scour Acne.org day in and day out, the summer providing ample time to squander over obsessions. I am also leaving for China for an internship on June 11, and am worried that my skin obsession will carry with me. I do not want my aesthetic inclinations to dampen my work! 




Day 1:


Used Ziana last night, tiny pea sized amount. Surrendered my pricey cleaners and facial products (which probably were damaging my skin) and used what my lovely dermatologist gave me, a sample of CeraVe PM.


Woke up this morning with oily skin (my skin tends to be on the drier side) and enlarged pores. Noticed 1 small pimple on my upper cheek had dried out. No progress on cyst on chin. Still have raised red spots from irregular comedonal breakout (mineral oil). 


I am not starting the doxycycline until June 5, as I want it to last until August 5, when I return from China. 






Does anyone have any POSITIVE experience with Ziana? How was the first week, etc. As my skin is mild, I am hoping there will be no "purging," as I am not sure there is deep infection to purge. But skin is unpredictable!


Also, how old is everyone? I am 25.