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Is Sometimes Doing Nothing Better?

22 April 2015 - 08:01 PM

wow hey y'all! 


Have not been on here for monthhhsssss


Anyways, i have just a couple questions. I have found that when i wash my face with a facial cleanser i get worse reaction on my face. No face washes work sooooooo..... 



So my skincare routine consists of doing nothing and just use water- my face is so calm and even looking- but it gets like peely in random places (around my eyebrows, upper lip area) And i will get very small random breakouts that are not the inflammatory type. Once a week i have been taking like these lint free cotton rounds and lightly useing it on my face to get off the dead skin because i believe maybe thats the cause of this?? 


My Skin: Sensitive (all face washes cause irritation.period.), Prone to redness, Prone to rosacea, clog prone. 


Skin is in good condition- except for this little road block that i keep running into. 


oh, and morning and night i use Finacea, and La Roche Posay eff duo just around my nose because i get random breakouts there and its been helping tons. 




Derm Recommended Only Face Wipes?

23 October 2014 - 07:12 AM

So at my last visit to the derm we dicussed my skin. Which at the moment looks much better spot wise, but dryness and sensitivity wise its lacking. 


Everything a face wash touched my face it get soooo dry even if i use a pea size amount, with limited amount of water. 


Also moisturizer makes my skin go nuts so thats very limited. 


She recommended i use face wipes to use to wash my face but only use it on the parts of my face where i need to clean a bit. 


She told me to try the cetaphil ones, so i am- but what i do is use a little water after i use a wipe just to get the residue off. 


So what do you thinK???  


p.s- i dont really wear face makeup 

Is What Im Eating Fine? Please Comment :d

29 September 2014 - 06:40 PM



Home made Quinoa Porridge; Quinoa cooked in almond milk. Added cinnanmon. Topped with chia seeds, almond butter, and a half a pear.


Midmorning: Other half of pear 


Lunch (2pm) Chibatta bread with ham, turkey, lettuce, and cucumber (no cheese, or sauce) 

Fresh chopped fruit: strawberries, melon, cantalope 


Mid afternoon snack: small container of frosted mini wheats

- small individual wrapped raisin package (sunmaid raisins) 

- very small bowl  of cubed cantalope 


Later (730) Whole medium sized pear with almond butter 



Getting A Bit Worried Its Not A Pimple..... Cancer? Pic Included : Take A Look

15 September 2014 - 09:57 PM

To start off, i know that i should just go straight to the derm.... but im 400 miles away at the moment and can't easily take a stroll over there to get checked out. 


And also i know this is just an online forum.... im asking for advice - not a cure. 


But anyways, 


Ive had this "pimple" for about 6-7 months.


I swear i remember it being a small whitehead... but i cant seem to remember exactly. 

I also do remember it looking like a bad blackhead at one point. 

Can it just be an ingrown hair???? 


The picture is included. for a bit of a location its at 3 o'clock from the corner where both my bottom and upper lip meets. And its exactly at the height of where the bottom of my nose is.... well i could of said cheek.... the bottom inner part of my cheek. 


I use Finacea (love this stuff-cleared my rosacea/acne great) everyday. That hasnt made it go away, ive used Aczone, and BP.............................. 


Advice is needed please. 


Should i go somewhere to get it looked at? 

How Much Topical To Apply To Skin? Answer Please! :)))))))

18 June 2014 - 06:00 AM

I use finacea topically 2x per day. The tube says apply a thin layer. So i take like a half pea size amount for each cheek, forhead, and chin. When i spread it i feel as if im applying a thin amount- but im not sure. Its not like i keep having to rub it in because theres too much i feel i apply a perfect amount. But i just dont know.