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Effects On Face By Accutane

24 May 2013 - 08:14 PM

many guys face don't fully develop until they're 22 right? i see many celeberity faces change a lot from 18-twentyish. and even when you see people on the streets, they are best looking when they are about 20. a good example is justin bieber, he looks so much better now (19years old) than when he was small, i'm sure he'll continue to grow more handsome in his 20s.


i'm only 17 and have really bad acne, if i take accutane now, will my face never change? coz guys who are 17 don't look so handsome anyway, i don't want to be stuck with a 17 year old face lol.



vertical height is not a concern because i'm already 175cm.


i guess this would bechoosing between, better looking face with more scars VS not so good looking face with less scars

which pyhsical appearence would u like more?


thanks for any ideas!!


i got the exact same concern as this person



"I know there are many of you out there who have taken Accutane during your formative adolescent years. I have a question and a concern. My nephew is 16 years old and has severe acne. My sister is contemplating putting him on Accutane because he doesn't even want to go to school anymore due to his embarassment over his skin. I have read that Accutane can stunt the bone growth of the "long" bones, but I have read nothing pertaining to the stunting of the cranium or facial bones due to Accutane use. My nephew is already 6 feet tall, so his vertical growth is not a concern. However, I am very worried about his cranial/skull and facial bone development because there are growth plates in the cranium as well. The male skull and face can develop up through 25 years of age. Did any male (or female) out there take Accutane at a young age and still have skull and facial growth post Accutane therapy?? Did anyone out there notice that he/she stopped their facial and cranial development post Accutane?? I thank you for any response to these questions."