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#3389815 [Pics!] How I Cleared My Hormonal Acne Naturally

Posted by jade369 on 21 October 2013 - 02:51 AM

Thanks hearts, so if it took three months to see improvement, how do you know you didn't have an IB? Sorry for asking soooo many questions, just want to anticipate what might happen with me, so I feel more encouraged to stick with a new treatment. smile.png


Not a problem at all, I will do everything I can to help! Your questions could also help others who are reading this thread but not posting.

The reason I know that I didn't get an initial breakout is because I had tapered down spiro from 100mg to 50mg and was already breaking out from lowering the dose before I started the cream. When I started progesterone it did not get any worse, just slowly got better — at the beginning of the three months I lowered my spiro dose even more (25mg and then off) and my skin did not get worse. I'm sure it would have if I didn't supplement the cream.


It's not like at the 3 month mark *BAM!* I was more clear... it was gradual but I really started noticing how much it was helping around that point. Hope this helps!

 Hey Hearts,


 I'd just like to say a huge thank you for such an informative thread!!

 I've been taking Dim for almost a year now and it has calmed by hormonal acne incredibly well, considering what it was once like, I still suffer break outs but not nearly as bad. Anyway, I also take zinc and tried Saw Palmetto for 2-3 months but noticed no change. I've been considering NPC for a long time and after reading this post I am definitely going for it smile.png Just need to find a reliable natural brand selling in the UK..

 I'm soo happy you have found something that has cleared you and works so well, your posts really reflect how happy you are smile.png


Also, I'd love to have seen your before and after pictures though for some reason I can't get them.