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#3351695 Tired Of Treatments I Need A Cure!

Posted by cdfelds on 24 May 2013 - 06:54 PM

Accutane is your closest chance at a cure.  Don't follow a ridiculous diet either.  A diet (if it actually works) is nothing but a bandaid.  


Want to go on vacation for a week?  Be ready to breakout when you can't follow your diet.  

Want to go to the bar and drink?  Can't because this could cause a breakout.  

Want to go out to eat with your family? "Can we go somewhere with a gluten free, dairy free, taste free menu?"


By all means, work to IMPROVE your diet for general health.  But if you want a cure, diet is not what you are looking for.  

wow so flipping true lol its like i just read a post about gluten being a part of it aswell i am thinking what the hell will i eat then? loool its like i am on a diet i dont think i ate a proper meal today lol i can't think of one lol ...

yah I am sick and tired of treatments too they actually make my skin a lot worse, dries it out, makes it look red and the texture? dear Lord it makes me want to cry so yah I totally want to try the holistic approach too hifive.gif so where do you start?

lol Ruweyda i would tell you but it would me being a hipocrit wait for a month and i'll tell you of the results i've taken some before pics hopefully they'll be better after 1s i'll post up this time next month i'll directly email and say how its gone and so forth....

#3351545 Still 99% Clear After No Carb Diet

Posted by cdfelds on 24 May 2013 - 05:19 AM

Thank you for this post so imformative i wrote a similar one to this talking about dairy products being a culprit dieting and such...At the moment i amchucking back water like i think its the last gallon of it on earth lol i've been drinking 3 liters minimum a day i am gonna try up the ante now am going take out gluten out of my diet.Seems the holistic approach is the only one i haven't tried i am going to see where it takes me because i am sick of these treatments you have to keep buying and buying and buying and its been so many years...sigh! 

#3350987 The Acne Promoting Effects Of Milk!

Posted by cdfelds on 22 May 2013 - 08:59 AM

I've read scientific studies on the link between acne and dairy products. Its a damning fact that is over looked by many if you've tried everything like me from quinoderm, duac, antibiotics ah so many even went to the extremes of manuka honey c'mon putting honey on my face thats where acne will take you. Desperate attempts to clear your skin and claim your life back confidence and all.


Now i've battled with acne for so many years its depressing to think am going to battle with it any longer does anybody feel the same? Milk is apparently from the research i've been doing online is one of the main causes of acne! This is what your dermatologist or any of these corps won't tell you because a cured customer is no customer!! Do you honestly think they haven't got a cure for acne? Its a multiple billion $ a year business do you know how many businesses would go bust. I've realized these quinoderms(which am on now and my skins as dry as ash) and duacs,face washes etc are all temporary they just want you to keep buying man seriously if i stopped this quinoderm i'll break out so bad it would scare the life out of Dracula lool.


They are studies all over google pointing the finger at milk! I've cut milk out of my diet now for a month and i see positive results not incredible but its evidently working. I am purchasing this holistic approach teaching about acne like healing power of water, diet ,exercise and environment. I will post about the results as the claim is bold "if it don't work in 60 days have you money back" kinda of claim and the testimonials on there look viable loads of before and after pictures and vocal testimonies hmmm keep in touch follow me or whatever and i'll tell you how its going i wont recommend it at the moment as i haven't tried it but i'll let you know how it goes.