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What Regimen Supplies Would You Recommend To Canadians?

22 May 2013 - 05:13 AM

Hi, I live in Vancouver and I want to try out Dan's acne regimen but the shipping really discourages me from going with this option. In my case, what are some affordable in-store products for Canadians that you would recommend? Right now I use the following combination but it is not doing well.
Cleanser: ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin
  • Works really well and doesn't dehydrate my skin significantly. I think this is the only product that I bought right. 
Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzagel® Spot On
  • This is the only 2.5% I could find in Vancouver, but considering the amount you get for the price it's pretty expensive  I also doubt the effectiveness of this product because everytime I use this gel I get really obvious red marks on my face and skin peeling.
Moisturiser: CLEAN & CLEAR® ESSENTIALS Dual Action Moisturizer
  • This moisturiser has caused some breakouts now and then and it's just not enough for my skin. I can apply this twice on the same area on my face but my skin will still get dry after a while. Also, I don't think this moisturiser do well when it's used with Benzagel® Spot On.