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Diet Questions

22 May 2013 - 02:12 AM

Hi, I'm just now starting to address the internal causes of acne (i.e. diet). And have some questions on my current diet. 




I have been replacing cow's milk with soy for a while now, because I think I might be allergic or intolerant to milk. I had a rash like outbreak all over my face after drinking cow milk once. So my question is, Is soy bad or causing acne? Should I switch to almond milk or some other milk supplement? I only drink soy with coffee and occasionally when I eat cereal.


This leads me to my next question, I shop at an organic food store so all my food is organic including my cereal. But I know typical supermarket cereal is bad for you. Is organic just as bad? How about pre-packaged organic oatmeal? Or organic frozen meals? 



I know food interacts with different people differently so please don't respond with something along those lines, if you can please share any knowledge that you may have on the questions. Thanks a bunch.

The 10 Year Experiment

20 May 2013 - 12:36 AM

Here we go; I am a 27 female and have had acne for about 10 years now. I've used proactiv, Dan's regimen, antibiotics, retina, OTC products, natural products, esthetician grade products, chemical peels, blue-light treatment, microdermabrasion, changed my diet, exercise, and changed my makeup.


Now, I must say that my skin is a lot better than it used to be. But it still isn't as good as I want it to be. I have times when my skin looks and feels really bad, sometimes when it's looks bad, and once in a blue moon it will be completely clear. So, essentially this log is like a personal diary that I will use to keep tabs on what products I'm using, foods I'm eating, and how my skin reacts to them. And hopefully I can get completely clear. 


Right now, I am researching internal reasons for acne. 


This is an interesting and new article on the causes of acne: 



It lists a great study on the correlation between high GI/high dairy diet and acne: http://www.medicalne...cles/256664.php


A list of the most common high gi foods:


  • For one serving of a food, a GL greater than 20 is considered high, a GL of 11-19 is considered medium, and a GL of 10 or less is considered low.


Here is another one that list the top 5 reasons for acne: Summary below.



1. Diet.                             Solution: juicing everyday 

2. Hormones.                   Solution: Prenatal Vitamins

3. Bacterial Infection.        Solution: Blue LED light

4. Stress                          Solution: Daily Vitamin B complex

5. Cosmetics                   Solution: natural/organic ingredients,                                                            *                                      clean applicators daily w/ alcohol


I'm on step one neutral.gif

Food Log:

Chobani Greek yogurt with organic granola mix


Organic Cereal with soy milk

Organic Apple


Prenatal Vitamin

Chopped Brisket (no bun)

Organic Green Beans and Carrots

Antioxidant Yogi tea w/ 1 tsp. Organic Honey


Organic Slit Pea Soup

Orangic Snackimals Crackers

1/2 Sprite 




PCA Facial Wash

Dickson's Witch Hazel

PCA Pigment Gel

PCA C-Strengthening 15%

PCA Brightening Therapy

PCA ClearSkin Lotion

PCA ReBalance

PCA EyeExcellence



Facial Wash

Dickson's Witch Hazel

Intensive Clarity Treatment: .5% pure retinol 



ClearSkin Lotion


S.A. 2% spot treat 



I decided to attach photos of myself because often I will look back on photos and think "man I looked great in the photo" but remember feeling horrible about myself. Maybe photos will put things in perspective for me.