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Diet Questions

22 May 2013 - 02:12 AM

Hi, I'm just now starting to address the internal causes of acne (i.e. diet). And have some questions on my current diet. 




I have been replacing cow's milk with soy for a while now, because I think I might be allergic or intolerant to milk. I had a rash like outbreak all over my face after drinking cow milk once. So my question is, Is soy bad or causing acne? Should I switch to almond milk or some other milk supplement? I only drink soy with coffee and occasionally when I eat cereal.


This leads me to my next question, I shop at an organic food store so all my food is organic including my cereal. But I know typical supermarket cereal is bad for you. Is organic just as bad? How about pre-packaged organic oatmeal? Or organic frozen meals? 



I know food interacts with different people differently so please don't respond with something along those lines, if you can please share any knowledge that you may have on the questions. Thanks a bunch.