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31 May 2013 - 02:01 AM

OK, so I purchases raw unrefined coconut oil and let me tell you it is AWESOME!! I have oily, thick, and congested skin so those that think oil will mess you skin up even more don't be deterred from trying this. I've been using it for about 3 days and my skin is beginning to look soft and smooth like normal people's skin. Here is a link of 101 ways to use coconut oil; check out #4, #10, #25, #51, #58 all about the skin.





I've been eating like crap lately, I blame my hormones! Haha, well it's more like I eat one really good meal (lots of veggies) then I'll eat a bad meal (fried foods, breads, fast food) I guess I didn't notice how bad I ate till starting this log. The good thing is I'm making a conscious effort to get veggies and fruits everyday. It's hard!! But I'm trying ...


Omelet (1/2 egg whites)

Green Mix (spinach & romaine) 

Tri peppers

organic turkey



1 coffee with stevia 


Turkey & Cheese Sandwich on wheat 

Green Mix 

Tortilla Chips with salsa


Whataburger (chicken melt)


Chocolate Shake (sooo bad, but soooo good!)


2 c women's tea with honey 



Alba Botanical Gentle Acne Wash w/ Clarasonic 

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Coconut Oil




Alba Botanical Gentle Acne Wash w/ Clarasonic 2x to take make up off

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Coconut Oil








In Topic: The 10 Year Experiment

27 May 2013 - 10:58 PM

thank you naked smurf, I've been told that before. I just don't know of an adequate skin regimen that would cleanse, tone, moisturize, and treat breakouts; I will look through threads though. Any suggestions?

In Topic: The 10 Year Experiment

27 May 2013 - 02:58 PM

FML!!!!! I woke up with a patch of small whiteheads on my forehead and on the right side of my cheek!!! Again. And just yesterday I was feeling great about myself. This is the roller coaster called acne. 


Their are a few things I'm thinking might have lead to this breakout. 

Simple Lotion I put on last night. My skin feels over dry after using products so i got the simple brand moisturizer, the replenishing one. It's thick and makes my skin feel wonderful, but that's suspect #1 right now. 


Also, I've been eating crappy the past two days. I had spaghetti o's with a slice of whole wheat bread the day before last, no veggies the whole day. 

Then yesterday, I ate organic chocolate chip cookies with pecans and two  hot dogs (chicken dogs) from the organic store with the bread on it. So maybe bread is the culprit. Yesterday was the first day I ate bread since starting this thread. 



This is how I feel right now. The good news is that these kinds of breakouts usually go away quickly so hopefully I'll be looking a OK in a few days........and I started my menstrual today Wonderful! 


Today's my first juice day: EXCITED!! 


Food Log:

2 Coffee w/ stevia, soy milk

Oatmeal (strawberries & blackberries & organic nutmix)


Juice: Clear Up Cheer Up

2 large carrots (tops and tails removed)

1 cup of spinach (or kale)

½ apple (cored)

1 celery stalk

1 cup of broccoli florets


Ginger Salmon with veggies & brown rice

2 merlot


2 c women's tea w/ tsp. honey


Skincare: AM

S.A. 2% spot treat


PCA Spf 30



S.A. 2% spot treat

Hyper pigmentation Gel 

Brightening Therapy 



In Topic: The 10 Year Experiment

26 May 2013 - 10:12 PM

I'd been feeling bad about myself the past 2 day, but today as I was getting ready to go grocery shopping, I only put on a small amount of makeup, and I look good. I've been told that before: I look prettier with less makeup. 


I went grocery shopping today and got enough veggies & fruits to make 8 juices and also food for the week (salmon, extra veggies, nuts, chicken breast) All together, it cost $100. I don't think I could afford that every week, but if I only bought what was on sale, I think I could afford it. 


I see I've gotten over 300 views, so I wanted to add that years ago my derm prescribed me Bactrim (along with retin-a) and my skin cleared up in about a month. I stopped taking the bactrim prematurely, but continued the retin-a and my acne came back. I'm not sure my skin would have stayed clear if I would have taken the whole course though. I strongly believe, diet has a major role to play in acne. I take very good care of my skin, I use quality skincare, I use clean pillow cases nightly, clean towels daily, clean makeup brushes, I've been getting facials and microdermabrasion for years now, and my skin still isn't clear. Diet is the only thing left! I just thought I'd add Bactrim cleared me up in case anyone wants to jump start their process to clear skin. 


I studied psychology of health in college, and I remember my professor citing article after article about the benefits of a mostly vegetable and lean protein diet. One article about a remote village somewhere, said the number of people who had cancer for any of the other top 10 deadly diseases found in the U.S. was almost zero. They lived off fishing and vegetable/fruit plants.  


Speaking of cancer.....I remember a shocking article that stated cancer patients had completely gotten rid of their cancer by adopting a vegetarian diet


So, if a healthy diet can get rid of cancer, a deadly disease, than surely it can get rid of a few bumps on my face!


Manta of day: Focus on confidence, opportunity, solutions, optimism, and success! 


Research of the day: Bactrim is a very intense antibiotic, so I looked up natural antibiotics. I got raw honey and I'll be using that instead of sugar in my tea .



Food Log:

Salad (spinach, pecans, strawberries, feta cheese, sauce made by the organic store)

Two chicken dogs with organic ketchup with breading


Handful of Almonds

Handful of trail mix ( chocolate buttons, various nuts)

Three Chocolate chips with pecan cookies 

In Topic: The 10 Year Experiment

25 May 2013 - 05:57 PM

Great Juice Recipes for Acne:






Going to go shopping for a weeks worth, the plan is to add 1 juice a day while limiting grains and dairy. I decided to try the low GI diet since it's less restrictive than the Paleo Diet. I will try this for a month and see how my skin reacts...