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#3418922 Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

Posted by Dee3 on 07 March 2014 - 10:23 AM



27 Weeks (6-7 months) of Spironolactone 50/75mg


42 Weeks  of Isotrex Gel


Hey guys well I've had a bit of a up and down experience so far. The downs are mostly because of my experimentation with the dosage but the up's have been worth noting down. After I last updated, maybe due to a stressful period which followed, my skin became slightly worse as in becoming more greasier & breaking out that little but more so I decided to up my dose from 50mg to 75mg.


After this by december, I had seen more improvement as my skin became less oily and spots seemed to subside. Skin felt a lot more smoother and under control again so I was happy, but with the higher dosage I noticed my period that month was very light compared to normal months. It was hardly non- existent which worried me as my periods are normally very regular.


So the next few months, I carried on at 75mg, but the week during my period I would cut back down to 25mg, sometimes even missing a dose. This helped my period get back to its normal amount and consistency but because I am not able to stay on 75mg all the time, it means my skin keeps going from better to worse again and again each month.


It's march now and my last period was fine by missing the spiro doses on those days but when I started again, I went from 25mg to 50mg and back up to 75mg within the same week. I also though maybe I'd be ready to try 100mg which was silly of me as when I did that the following week, it had ended up with me breaking out in hives! I cannot tolerate a higher dose unfortunately, so had to have a few days off spiro again whilst my body recovered. 


Last month my my Isotrex did not seem to be so effective either as you have to replace the tube every two months without fail even if you have a fair amount left in it. I was so busy so did not have time to pick up a new prescription so carried on using my old tube, even though it seemed less effective. I also split up from my boyf last month which left me feeling quite stressed and depressed lol and this coupled with the isotrex and spiro not being used consistently = my skin went a lot  worse.


It's been back to it's greasier and comedonal state. My chin is the worst affected as close up it looks terrible with the comedones and blocked pores. My nose also has ton's of visible blackheads on it. So far, I have been lucky as most of the blemishes are not inflammed and can be covered with make up, it's just soo greasy. The shine is back to coming after 2-3 hours so powder has been my best friend again. I think it's important to note though that my skin is not as bad as my pre-oral isotretinoin course like when I used to have severe acne. It's just very light acne, not inflammed, mostly comedones and whiteheads etc.


I don't want the red inflammed acne to come back though, so will be geting on the spiro and isotrex combo soon again as it does keep a lot of it under control, more than I have given it credit for in the past. This time 75mg will be the most I go up to with the Spiro and I will be keeping a more careful eye on my diet as after the xmas period I carried on eating and drinking high sugar/unhealthy fatty food and drink which also contributed to making my skin worse.


I also have one last batch of low dose isotretinoin as I was clearing my cupboards out last week and found it. It's out of date in may, so may just take it for the next month or two to clear my acquired acne of the last 3 months then go back onto spiro to continue the improvements. I am aware this is not the best method, but I doubt my acne will ever be severe again to be prescribed oral isotretinoin so may just use it to improve my skin for now, then continue with the Spiro after. I have let my doc know about this too so he is aware to perform the blood tests. I was on a very low dose isotretinoin (10mg a day) before so will just take 2 5mg pills a day for the next month or two, but this has been very effective for me in the past so I know it will work.


Side effects:


As for side effects on Spiro, I was going to say after I started to include vitamins B12 and iron, zinc into my diet, my hair seemed to fall out a lot less and I am happy to say I wouldn't include it as a side effect anymore for me. I take a vitamin supplement by Vitabiotics called 'feruglobin' which has all of these in it. It's quite expensive and can upset my tummy so I don't take it everyday, just every other day so they last longer.


Also, after upping to 75mg, I noticed my mood seemed a lot calmer lol. Like I was less argumentative and jus seemed more relaxed in general. I was more emotional though and seemed to have a bigger affinity for babies and embracing my feminine side haha! It sounds very funny but yeah, it seemed to make me less aggressive in general, but more maternal and girly. Did anyone else notice that change in mood? I quite enjoyed it as I felt happier and more content with myself I guess.


I also noticed feeling more curvier, less toned and gaining weight around my hips, belly and boobs. I'm probably about 1 cup size bigger. I have not noticed any difference in hairiness though, as I thread my upper lip and eyebrows and they grow back just as fast like they did before, but excess hair isn't a big complaint for me so I as not too bothered by it.


Anyway, hope this info helps anyone and I hope to update in the future with better results. Till then, everyone reading this stay positive and happy. God bless x

#3364261 Regimen And Retin A?

Posted by Dee3 on 06 July 2013 - 11:05 AM

Fabian has a point, retin a or any retinoid will take months to work. I was on a low dose accutane course (only 10mg per day) and it took me about 8-9 months before I could say my face is clear. So on a topical retinoid I would say it is very much possible to break up to 6 months and it does not mean its not working. it does but very, very slowly. But the end results are worth the wait, plus when you've been on it for a year your skin will have adapted to the retinoid so you wont get the excessive peeling and redness anymore.


You may read this and think what I've got to wait nearly a year for this to work??! but i will say the end results are very much worth it, so don't give up :)

#3363815 I Am 100% Clear. Severe Cystic Acne Cured With Spironolactone.

Posted by Dee3 on 04 July 2013 - 11:01 AM

Spiro worked for me as well, cleared all cysts and marks within 6 months. Additionally it also had me lose 10 pounds which was incredible. Unfortunately, it took me a while to notice that my hair and nails had not only stopped growing, they were getting thinner. Lost so much hair every time I washed it, I was amazed there was any left to wash. I had no energy for anything, working out was not a possibility. After that the weight gain started and I couldn't gather enough strength to work out longer than 10 or 15 minutes. Due to those side effects, I discontinued.


For about 3 months my skin stayed clear and smooth. I take Vitamin D3 and Evening Primrose Oil gel caps. In the past two weeks my acne has risen from the dead and like a zombie invasion, is haunting my face again. Incredibly frustrating and annoying to deal with the insecurity. 


Has anyone tried an alternative recently? I've seen several posts from years ago but I've tried most of the supplements suggested. 


Glad to hear Spiro worked for you, though. There's nothing like finally finding the solution!


How much dosage were you taking? Have you considered taking a lower dose?

#3362391 Accutane Or Bcp?

Posted by Dee3 on 28 June 2013 - 06:49 PM

Hey, I was just reading about accutane on here and what the derm said to you about it being a very negative drug. I would like to share my experience on it and what my derm said to me.


Like you, I was very nervous about taking it. I have very thick full hair and when the derm said hair loss can happen I was very put off. However, he also said 99% of patients who take it are very happy with results and have no regrets. He told me to expect dry skin, dry lips and all the other common side effects but they should all improve once you have done your course. In the end as my acne was severe and getting me down I decided to take the plunge.


After the course, I can safely say it was the best decision I made. It cleared cysts which had been there for 4 years straight and my skin was pretty much perfect while on it. Even after I finished the course, I got acne but it was in a lot milder form than before. I doubt it will ever become as bad as it was. As for side effects, I did not go bald, end up depressed or have any other nightmare side effects. I think just cus one girl went bald on accutane, that should not put every other girl off. It doesn't happen to evey girl I can assure you that.


I'd say don't write it off completely, as you have hormonal acne which is hard to treat as it is, if you ever consider even just one course it may not be a permanent cure, but it can fast track your journey to clear skin. If initially you can just clear the stubborn acne, then when you are off it you can return to spiro or BCP to sort of maintain the results. The accutane will help as if you do have acne again it will won't come back straight away as bad as it was before and you can treat it a lot easier if it is milder in the long run.


I know this is quite a old thread but I wanted to add my two pennies in. I hope this helps.

#3361033 Oil Cleansing Method - Ruined My Skin And Now I Can't Fix It No Matter Wh...

Posted by Dee3 on 23 June 2013 - 08:09 PM

Hey, I read someone elses post on here that they used the OCM and ended up with a load of clooged pores and acne. She used retin a and 50mg spiro to get clear. It took her about 7 months to clear but it did work. If you have cysts it will be probably better to treat it internally at the very least. I'd say if antibiotics have not worked, then go for spiro or accutane as those are most likely to work. What ever will clear you will take a few months for the cysts to go, so give it time x

#3350692 Retin-A Micro 0.04% Journey!

Posted by Dee3 on 21 May 2013 - 04:04 PM

Hey dont worry, you will have success, just keep at it and stick with it throughout the purging phase. I would just say keep it away from your corner of your lips because it's definitely not good to use it around that area as the skin there is normally quite thin and already dry.