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In Topic: Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

06 July 2014 - 12:43 PM

UPDATE: Month 2/ Week 6:

Spiro 50/63mg + Isotrex Combo


Well, been just over a month now and in this second month I have added another half tablet to the two 25mg spiro tablets that I take in the morning to aid the progress. This makes about 63mg and I've found it has helped my skin become less oily. I am pleased to say it has helped and even throughout the tiredness I carried on exercising consistently, plus drinking more water, which has helped me feel more healthier in general.


I don't have any cysts or inflammed spots at all now, just the comedones and blocked pores etc.. So hopefully the Isotrex will help, but I feel it's too early to comment on the topical as Isotrex generally takes months to show any effect. At the moment, sometimes it makes my skin red from where I applied it the night before and also I get peeling on the areas too which makes make up look cakey when I apply it on top to cover the redness. I'm trying to use it every night to speed up the initial outbreak period and just getting my skin used to it again. I've found less is definetely more though so be careful never to slather on too much.


So far, the side effects have only been feeling tired and thirsty. I sweat more easily too. I'm usually drenched after 45 mins on the treadmill! I get a lot of headaches too which don't go away easily even with paracetamol. I just have a lie down and it fades away slowly. I've noticed I feel quite nauseus sometimes too, so it reduces my appetite on those days.


I've had my period fine and on time this month and as expected it was a lot lighter whilst on spiro. If I take higher doses I've found it can stop my period altogether so will avoid taking more than 50mg when it's that time of the month.


I was worried that my hair would start shedding more like it did last time I started spiro, but it's not been too bad this time. I also make sure I take a daily vitamin called Perfectil, with iron and b vitamins and biotin etc, so maybe that helps too. Best thing is no hives! Glad my bodies accepting the spiro and I'll make sure I don't shock my body but upping the dose too soon like last time. No rashes or pin point/hive spots so all good.


I've been avoiding drinking whilst on spiro as well as I find it increases my chance of getting hives or some type of rash on my skin. Even if I miss that dose on the day I have drinks I don't want to risk it. I've read others drink whilst on it without problems but for me it's best I don't.


Mentally, I've felt a lot more relaxed and again I've found I have this affinity for babies and anything maternal lol. Spiro definitely makes me less aggressive and moody. I don't know if I'm just tired but I feel different. Either way, I prefer it to being moody and easily peed off like I am without it. I just feel more feminine and relaxed if you know what I mean.. Like I'm not so bothered about being assertive and getting my point across. If someone annoys me, I just walk away rather than stay and argue. I also cry quite easily but it's more happy or soppy tears rather than being upset.


Overall, I have seen some improvement, and my skin feels a lot more smoother and supple. However, I'd like it to reduce my oil a bit further, clearing my skin more and will wait a few more weeks or months for the spiro to work it's magic. Anyway, that's all I can think of at the moment.

Good luck to anyone also using spiro or Isotrex. Hope this blog helps anyone reading.


God bless & Ciaoo x

In Topic: Spironolactone Personal Log

17 June 2014 - 11:34 AM

Hey hun great to see the improvements! Hope you could update us on if you are still on spiro??

In Topic: Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

02 June 2014 - 11:58 AM

UPDATE: Back on Spiro 50mg + Isotrex Combo


Wow, haven't updated my blog for so long lol, but yeah I am back on the Spiro at 50mg. Started yesterday which was the 1st of June. I will add that I have added few other things to complement this treatment which include 1-2tsp of fish oil (with retinol), clean sugar-reduced diet, Isotrex application every other night and exercise!


I am very prone to putting weight on my belly, whilst the rest of my body stays slim which gives me a top-heavy shape which I don't like, so I plan to do about 30-45mins on the treadmill every other day. I started out doing 60 mins every day when I first started this regime but my feet and joints ached like bad, so defo taking it slowly now lol.


I also have found fish oil to help soften my skin, but only fish oils with retinol have this effect. I guess it's the magic of vitamin A which plays a major part in skin health. I have to say, I questioned whether I should take fermented fish oil instead of other brands which use heat methods of distillation, but decided against it for now as I am quite happy with my seven seas brand and don't want to risk ingesting toxins associated with fish that are not removed fully with fermentation. Maybe one day I will be ready to try it, who knows? I certainly have read some great reviews of it on this site.


Anyways, I will update more as time goes on to update how spiro, isotrex, fish oil and exercise work together to improve my skin :) Stay positive.

God bless.x

In Topic: Studies Show That Millions Of People Do Not Convert Beta-Carotene Into Vitami...

21 May 2014 - 04:03 PM

Please read this article:



I've read similar articles that say many people can not convert beta carotene to Vitamin A (retinol) form.  That is really bad!  Especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan!!!! 


I'm clear from acne with my magnesium/calcium.  However, I still have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on upper arms).  I was researching, and saw it was a Vitamin A deficiency.  I wondered why....  And saw many people getting clear with FERMENTED COD LIVER OIL.  I will not name the brand here but there is only ONE COMPANY to make this FERMENTED cod liver oil!!!  And many have had great results because of the high omega 3, and vitamin A (retinol form), and vitamin D!  I already ordered mine from their website.  It's pricey but if it clears my kp... smile.png


I'm posting this hear because I know that there were a few people that said it cleared up their acne.  Also, we all know about Accutane....    And I've read rave reviews on vitamin A.  However, they were pills..  This is an actual FOOD.  It's natural.  No man-made crap. 


Second, does anyone know where I can get raw milk in Maryland?  It is illegal in most states.  If you drink raw milk, please let me know how you went about getting it.  I'm not a dairy freak, and not really a meat eater or egg eater. lol  Every once in a while though...  I feel it would be great to meet my fat soluble vitamin needs!  Google more about raw milk!  I actually had some when I was in France and my god it was amazing.  No breakouts or nothing!!!!!   It is NOTHING like that crap in stores....  Too bad the government makes it illegal.  Please protest!


I'm a huge fan of Weston A Price so I might call one of their charter leaders to find out how I can get it here if no one knows.  You should look at their site.  Very enlightening.



Good luck!

Hey I was reading this, I am interested in taking fermented cod liver oil to help my skin. Where do you buy it from and how's it going so far?? :)

In Topic: Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

21 March 2014 - 12:30 PM

UPDATE: 2 Weeks On low dose Isotretinoin (10-15mg)


Right, thought it would be good to update my blog on this rather lovely Friday afternoon..


Well, I am on day 16 on my low dose oral Isotretinoin course and I am pleased to say it has started to take effect on my skin. The first few days I could hardly tell any difference, but in this last week my skin is definitely smoother and less oily. I am recognising that delicate baby-ness of my skin all over my body which I was so used to during my previous year long course on this drug. My lips are also dry so I have had to use my lip balm frequently.


I am just glad my skin is on the up again, even if only temporarily from this medication. However, after I finish the last pack I can't wait to go back on to the Spiro as I feel I could do with sorting my hormones out again. I am back to being more easily angered and argumentative. It's like I can actually feel my testosterone rising again lol. I miss the relaxed and more chilled out person I was on the Spiro. My period was messed up this month too, as when I stopped taking it I literally had two days of spotting when my period was meant to be happening. I only have about a month's supply left. Nevertheless, I think I will look for more ways to help my acne and not just rely on Isotrex and Spiro..


I am very interested in the role of vitamin A and beta-carotene on the prevention of acne. Oral Isotretinoin works extremely well on my skin even when I am taking it in very low doses. In the last 2 weeks the difference has been amazing. Even when I had been using it topically over the last few months in the form of Isotrex, it did have a good effect of reducing my hyper-keratinization.


As it took a few months for my skin to get used to and work, I didn't really notice how much it had helped until I stopped over the last 3-4 weeks! It did not beat the oral version though, which is why I am interested in taking it orally as a safer form such as beta-carotene in the long run. Topical isotretinoin might help keep my skin smooth but it did nothing to reduce my excess sebum. That is where the spironolactone helped majorly.


I am not talking about ingesting stupidly high doses, but the normal, daily recommended amount for a person and not above that. It just goes back to looking after yourself and making sure you eat a diet rich in a wide range of nutrients that we need to be healthy and reduce all the bad stuff like excess sugar, unhealthy fats and junk in general. I have been trying to drink more water and reduce on the crap and it all really does help. Nourish your body on the inside as well as taking care of it on the outside.


I have tried to find some literature to support their mechanisms on acne and managed to fnd a few studies, but in all the results were inconclusive. Some studies said that reduced beta-carotene levels actually affect hormones and send the thyroid glands into overdrive and this may explain why some people get greasier skin (a symptom of hyper-thyroidism) and their acne then increases in severity. I have put the link for the research below:


Burri, Betty Jane. "Beta-carotene and human health: a review of current research." Nutrition Research 17.3 (1997): 547-580.


Vitamin A clearly plays a big role in helping acne but taken in higher doses over a long period of time, it becomes even more dangerous than oral isotretinon, which is a man-made synthetic version of vitamin A.


Omenn, Gilbert S., et al. "Long-term vitamin A does not produce clinically significant hypertriglyceridemia: results from CARET, the beta-carotene and retinol efficacy trial." Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 3.8 (1994): 711-713.


Beta-carotene would seem like a safer option and indeed many studies seemed to confirm that it is rarely toxic, but improvement on dermatological ailments is not as dramatic as when taking actual vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). However, it still plays a role in keeping this vitamin's levels up in the blood so will be something I will try to supplement in my own diet. You can read more in this article which I have linked below:

Bayerl, Christiane. "Beta-carotene in dermatology: does it help." Acta Dermatoven APA 17.4 (2008): 160-166.


I hope this info helps anyone as I have found it very useful to understand how or why I may be more prone to acne than other individuals. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying vitamin A and beta-carotene are acne cures, but may be one of the little but significant defences we can incorporate into our diet to help our fight against acne.