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In Topic: Heartbroken Over My Acne Reappearing.

13 August 2013 - 03:06 PM

Lol, try having it in middle school.
Anyway, you beat the battle once, you can beat it again. Just don't give up! I'm only 14 and my acne consists of cysts, pigmentation, scars, etc. we'll get through this together :)

In Topic: Huge Pores Around The Nose Area And Cheeks(Also,some On Forehead) - Are They...

25 June 2013 - 12:23 PM

I have the same thing on my cheeks and around my nose. At first I thought they were scars but they're just large pores from all the oil production in your skin. I have had this since I was younger with perfect skin so I don't think they are necessarily scars. However the ones you circled do look suspicious.

In Topic: Head And Shoulders Works On Acne

17 June 2013 - 05:41 PM

Agreed. I'd be pretty hesitant to put shampoo on my acne... I did some research and most H&S shampoos contain dimethicone and cetyl alcohol. Plenty others that have 20+ letters and I won't go trying to copy it down onto here.

Take my advice; settle for an actual acne treatment. If H&S actually helped acne, wouldn't they try to make an acne product for more profit?

In Topic: Lemon/ Lime Juice Irritation

17 June 2013 - 05:23 PM

It contains citric acid, which is a huge irritant for your skin. I usually dilute it with honey, sugar or water. (The sugar works as a diluter and an exfoliator) even if you tend to have "tougher" skin that's not sensitive, it can still burn your skin leaving a red rash. Another way is squeeze the juice into a cup and add a few drops of honey.

In Topic: What Age Was Acne Your Worst

17 June 2013 - 05:16 PM

I'm 14 too and last year was my worst. I had unbelievable breakouts and cysts and it just started getting better 6 months ago. However my acne is horrible and I'm left with hundreds of red marks and scars. I know what it's like going through the hallways staring at people's beautiful clear skin.

Whenever I talk to someone they just stare at my acne. It makes me want to punch them in the face. I know what you're going through, you're never alone. :)