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#3449133 What Is This Pimples On My Forehead

Posted by Like Moonlight on Yesterday, 05:12 PM

That's great! I'm glad I could help you out! Keep me updated on how it's going for you please. Either on here or you can private message me :)

#3449131 Tretinoin + Bellapulse

Posted by Like Moonlight on Yesterday, 04:53 PM

Thanks so much i am Going To Ask my dermatologist about the spironalactone...the retain a is a slow and irritating process..its been a month and only the texture of my skin has improved...breakouts are still happeneing. I used a glycolic acidcream on some parts of my face to see if it would help and it has faded the hyperpigmentation faster than retin-a....i really do believe its hormonal and thats great news that you found a treatment that works for you...so happy for you

If you think your acne is related to hormones, I would look into Spirolactone. The retin a should help with acne that you currently have, it may also cause a purging breakout. So be prepared for that. It should help with the hyper pigmented skin. I never had any success with retin a. It just caused more acne for me and really dry irritated skin that burned all the time. I gave up on it after a year of using it. I tried it again many times and had the same experience. Spiro has kept me clear for 15 months now. No purging or side effects. Might be worth looking into if your acne is hormonal.

Yes ive been using it for a month every 3 days because im on the 0.1% which is the strongest..im now starting to apply it every other day in hopes that it works faster...its a slow process that comes with horrible side effects..have you ever tried glycolic acid creams?

retin a works like a light chemical peel , i peeled like crazy so i use it every 3 days so the peeling skin is gone first so less irritation

I use AHA to fade my marks, I order it from acne.org, works like a dream. That's a alpha hydroxy acid cream or almost gel like consistency. I love it, I use it to fade away any red spots I had from my acne, and it gives my skin a nice glow and even skin tone, plus it makes my skin so soft and it's very moisturizing so I don't need to use a moisturizer and it's gentle enough to use daily.

I couldn't go any further with retin a. It was prescribed to me for years and years and I hated it the entire time. I just broke out the entire time I used it. It never did anything for my skin. Not a product for me I guess.

#3448995 Side Effect Of Accutane Or Not?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 25 August 2014 - 04:09 PM

I'd keep an eye on that, it's not a normal side effect. If you don't have seasonal allergies, and you weren't experiencing that prior to starting Accutane, I would bring it up to the dermatologist you are seeing. See if it is anything to be concerned about. I have taken Accutane for 7 months and never experienced anything like that, also have 7 other friends who did an Accutane course and never mentioned anything like that.

#3448985 Acne Has Got 10X Worse

Posted by Like Moonlight on 25 August 2014 - 02:51 PM

Thank you so much! It's annoying but just as long as the acne does go, it'll be worse it I suppose. Thanks again! :)
*worth not worse

Your welcome. Glad I could help put your mind at ease. The first couple months are a real pain aren't they? All the acne purging when you are hoping to clear right up, it can be a real downer. I've been there, it's tough. Just stick with it and drink lots of water!

#3448984 What Is This Pimples On My Forehead

Posted by Like Moonlight on 25 August 2014 - 02:46 PM

Any marks I see in those photos is just hyper pigmentation. Give it time those marks will fade away. I don't see any indents that would indicate scarring.

So the face wash you are using or are going to start using has SA in it to treat your acne. You make sure your not using BP or anything like that. Just use products that have SA in them.  The salicylic acid. You could start using witch hazel as well to dry out the acne and to use as an astringent to help really deep clean your pores. If you ding that you are getting dry from the SA and the witch hazel start using a moisturizer like CeraVe or Cetaphil. I personally perfer CeraVe products. If you stay persistent with this treatment I think you will clear right up.

#3448878 Acne Has Got 10X Worse

Posted by Like Moonlight on 24 August 2014 - 10:22 PM

It's normal. You should start to see noticeable progress at about month 3. Probably not what you wanted to hear but the Accutane purges everything out of your skin. All that acne you see now, would have eventually come to the surface in it's own time. The Accutane just pushed it all out at once. Give it time the medication will do it's job all in good time. Patience is key with the medication. Hang in there!! If the breakout is really bad and painful I would call your dermatologist and ask for some predisone, that will help shrink away the bad breakout pretty quickly. Not all dermatologists are keen on handing out predisone but it's worth a shot. If you started soon, your acne should be in better shape before school starts.

#3448870 Long Headache Accutane

Posted by Like Moonlight on 24 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

Hello guys
First of all, I'm 19 years old and I've started my treatment with accutane 6 days ago with 20 mg/day. Everything was going pretty normal until I wake up yesterday with a little headache that persists until now, sometimes gets a little stronger and hurt behind my eyes. Is that normal?
I'm a little worried because my older brother also used this medication and during the treatment he changed his way of being in the last months. Although, his acne was a lot worse than mine.
I dont know for sure if theres some genetic relation with the side effects that my brother got and I'm having. So...  the fact is that i'm not even completed one month and I already got this side effect.

Headaches on Accutane a lot of the Time are because you aren't drinking enough water. Water on Accutane is something you should drinking constantly. A good rule of thumb is if your urine has any color to it your not drinking enough water, if it is clear then you are drinking the right amount of water. Keep that water intake up. If the headaches still persist then I recommend speaking to your dermatologist and see if there is anything you need to be concerned about.

I had headaches starting day 3 of my Accutane course and after I asked some people and they recommended I up my water intake until my urine was clear, my headaches stopped. If there was a day that was not drinking enough, sure enough the headaches came back. Dehydration is a huge problem with this medication. It dries you out, inside and out.

#3448796 What Is This Pimples On My Forehead

Posted by Like Moonlight on 24 August 2014 - 01:08 PM

Ok thanks one last question..... these whiteheads from oily forehead right so  are they easy to get rid of in winter? Just wondering if I fail And I have netrogena face wash should I use it on my forehead

The whiteheads are caused by dead skin cells and oil and bacteria that collects, and is trapped in a pore. The weather never made a difference in my acne. Do you have oily skin? I ask because I do not have oily skin at all, it's not dry skin either. So having oily skin doesn't mean you have acne and having a dry face doesn't mean you don't get acne either. It's just the luck of the draw I suppose. My acne is all hormonal. Since I found a medication that blocks out certain hormones I don't get acne anymore. It's a shame it's not that way for everyone.

The neutrogena face wash should be good! What kind is it that you have? I am asking because they have a few different ones. Some of them are medicated and others are not. I would be able to give you more advice if I knew which one you are using.

#3448782 1500 Negative Posts About Accutane

Posted by Like Moonlight on 24 August 2014 - 11:25 AM

Wow I was actually doing my research today to decided whether to use accutane or not.
I was more towards using accutane until I checked out the link :s
Is stunted growth something common?

Stunted growth is an issue if you are young and taking the medication. If you are still going through puberty and are not finished growing, I would hold off on the Accutane.
So If I'm going to be 16 in 4 months and am 5'6 should i take accutane?
If not then when should I take it?

If your 16 I wouldn't take the medication until your 18 years old. Probably not what you want to hear I know, but your acne is probably due to your hormones, because your going through puberty. After you are 18 most times your hormones as a male are evening out by that point. You will probably have finished growing by that point as well. That photo you posted in your other topic doesn't even warrant Accutane. I googled a image that I'll include in this post of the type of acne Accutane is meant to treat. The risks of Accutane for the type of acne you are currently suffering from are NOT worth it. If you have severe acne on the other hand I'd support going on Accutane.image.jpg

Do you have a dermatologist that is willing to prescribe you Accutane? Or is it something you have just considered?

#3448709 Cetaphil?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 23 August 2014 - 09:20 PM

I don't like Cetaphil products at all. The cleanser and the moisturizer leave my skin very oily. Wasted too much money on those products, just to throw them away after using them for a few days. I don't have oily skin at all, I'm not dry either. When using Cetaphil I was oily. I didn't like it at all.

I recommend CeraVe products the foaming face cleanser is really great I love it, plus the whole ceraVe line has benefits for your skin, like restoring your skins acid mantle. The moisturizer I use of ceraVe is their moisturizing cream in the tub. Great stuff. I also use there ceraVe AM as a moisturizer and SPF 30 for a sunscreen on my face. No breakouts, no oily skin. If ceraVe ever discontinues their products, I'll be lost.

#3448699 Differin Ib Within First Few Days?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 23 August 2014 - 08:27 PM

No problem, I'm glad it helped you. I have been in your situation before and figured that was the problem. Aloe is always good for skin that is dry enough that it burns when you apply any products. I figured it would help you. It's good to be able to share any knowledge I have. :)

#3448518 How Long To Use Aha+?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 22 August 2014 - 09:26 PM

I love acne.org aha+ it's done great things for my skin. I didn't think I'd be using it as long as I have, but it makes my skin feel really good, smooth, bright, makes my skin look youthful again.

#3448347 Cystic Acne/boil Infected!?!?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 21 August 2014 - 08:42 PM

Looks to me like that is a cystic acne. Call your dermatology office and see if they can get you in for a cortisone shot. That will help bring down the swelling. I would avoid picking and popping this any further and hopefully you can avoid any scarring this may cause.

A good rule of thumb, if you pop your zits, stop squeezing once blood comes to the surface. Just get the puss out of it and stop right after that.

#3448308 What Is This Pimples On My Forehead

Posted by Like Moonlight on 21 August 2014 - 02:33 PM

Soap? Like bar soap? If so I wouldn't use that on my face. I would use a face wash for acne prone skin, if you are Looking for the face wash as a treatment. Also if you don't want to use a topical gel or cream because of the purging stage. I would recommend using witch hazel. You can get a bottle of it for under a dollar. They sell it over by the band aids usually. That will just dry out the whiteheads, witch hazel doesn't cause you to break out. Just put some in a cotton ball and dab it across your forehead and I would bet that would take care of them fairly quick. If you don't want to use a medicated face wash because of the potential break outs they can cause I would recommend a gentle face wash. I like ceraVe foaming face wash. Kind of expensive though. Another one I like is called Purpose face wash. It's usually under 5 dollars and it's very gentle.

#3448216 Did Accutane Twice And Still Have Acne. Anyone Else?

Posted by Like Moonlight on 20 August 2014 - 10:01 PM

Hi, I'm 25 and still getting acne. When I was 16 AND 21 I did Accutane. The first time, I had pretty clear skin for about a year or so, and in college the second time, I saw almost no satisfaction after a few months being off it. Anyone else have less than satisfactory results from Accutane? I'm back on an antibiotic (Doryx/doxycyclin). I can't be on coventional birth control pills anymore because of a migraine correlation, but I'm on the implant/Nexplanon. I'm really anxious to clear up my jaw/cheeks. Any suggestions and anyone else sharing my frustration?

I was on tane 2 years ago, did a 7 month course. 3 months after finishing up the medication I started to break out again. I decided to try Spirolactone to treat my acne, because I wanted nothing to do with another Accutane course. I also have bad reactions to antibiotics if I am on them for more than 2 weeks, bad inflammation in my joints. Plus in my opinion antibiotics usually mean more acne once you stop taking them or in a few months when they stop being effective. Anyway back to the spiro treatment, I never looked back after starting it. Cleared me up quickly, I have been taking 100mg daily for the last 15 months, and I stay clear. Maybe a white head here and there but no break outs of any kind. I've had no side effects at all, it's really been just a great treatment for me. It's used to treat hormonal acne in women only. Judging by the location of your acne, it's likely it is hormonal. I'd give it a shot if I were you. Dermatologist sometime prescribe it, Endocronigists will prescribe it ( although getting a referral and a appt with one is a lengthily process) I get mine prescribed to me from my OBGYN. My derm was never big on thinking my acne was hormone related so she wasn't willing to prescribe it. Seeing as to how well it works for me, looks like my derm was wrong.

Do some searches for it on this site and you will see lots of women having success with it. A member names green gables also has some very informative threads about spiro and she's a book of knowledge when it comes to hormones and acne treatments.