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Hey Guys Please Help Me I've Been Struggling For A While

16 May 2013 - 04:36 PM

Hey so I have acne on both my cheeks that's it
I am a 18 year old male
The thing is I'm not sure if its acne or scars
There not really pimples and don't pop out. If I touch my skin it feels soft like normal skin does but there are red acne looking marks and to me it looks like acne and I need to fix it

I took accurate 60 mg for 3 months and my acne is gone but now I'm dealing with these scars or acne or whatever it is

My skin doesn't seem dry or oily and it's only on my cheeks both left and right please help

Also I had acne when I was 14 15 on my forehead and stuff but it went away and all of a sudden it came back so I took accurate now idk what to do I'm 18 going on 19

Here r the pics