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Lumie Clear Update!

02 June 2013 - 12:54 PM

My Daughter has now been using Lumie everyday RELIGIOUSLY for about 19 days. Can honestly say her skin has shown some improvement! Its not clear by any stretch but all the comodomes have gone from her cheek and forehead, shes had a few big sore spots come up but found if she uses the lumie on them straight away they dont progress!!

Shes also started Epiduo which seems to suit her more than Isotrex.


Only prob is dryness tho, her skin is so dry and kind of hard feeling!

Its actually been sore and tight.

Shes been using Cetaphil wash and moisuriser but isnt keen on how "greasy" it feels. Altho I know its not greasy.

Can anyone suggest any other moisturiser?


Shes also considering "Crystal Clear" facial. Anyone heard of it/tried it?


Thanks! :-)


Trying Something Else!

24 May 2013 - 06:12 AM

Bought the Lumieclear treatment lamp thing yesterday and its arrived this morning!


Reviews all look positive so thought its worth a try!


22 May 2013 - 08:57 AM

My Daughter started using Isotrex 3 weeks ago.


It actually seems to be making her skin worse! Spots/bumps still appearing along with dry rough skin and patches of redness.

We expected the dryness but could live with that if the skin was generally improving!

If she doesnt useit for a couple of nights and just sticks to Effaclar Duo it looks better.


Wondering if she should change to Epiduo which dermatologist did also suggest. Does anyone have experience of both?


Today I bought Ultraclear on Amazon (good reviews, ?hype??) we are literally clutching at straws!


17 May 2013 - 04:32 AM


My 19 yr old beautiful girl has really recently been diagnosed with moderate acne.

Up until 2 months ago shes had perfect skin (apart from odd blemish at time of month) She had really bad flu and lots of stresses going on and her skin developed a rash like appearance.

Tried lots of over counter things and given rubbish advise from GP.


Saw a private dermatologist 2 weeks ago who said she mainly has closed comedones caused by an auto immune response to stress.

We are all finding it so difficult, I could just cry every time I look at her.

Its already affected her relationship and her self confidence.

I know its only been such a short time but some days it looks better than others, and she is now getting large angry spots too.

Strange also that its only on one cheek and her forehead!


Her treatment is Lymecycline and Isotrex gel.

Cetaphil to wash her face.

Effaclar Duo to moisturise.


Previously tried, Proactive, Duac, Dermalogica.


All her makeup is now oil free.


Has anyone else developed acne so suddenly at her age? Read lots about red light therapy, is it useful?


I realise that lots of people on here have dealt with acne for such a long time and feel bad for posting this really, but its so hard when shes literally had no problems previously.