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In Topic: Did I Get The Right Dr Chu?

25 May 2013 - 07:41 AM

Fierywinds. Sorry my friend but you have just made my day with that post! 

At least you have learnt something new!

In Topic: Biggest Break Through Of My Life!

16 May 2013 - 07:23 AM

Aanabill Thank you, we all have something in common here so no reason we can relate. I think I can answer everyones questions in a nutshell from my experience. 


Aanabill, Da funny one, sleptember. After getting my Allergy/intolerance test, finding i was allergic to wheat, I instantly dropped wheat, i was actually eating a sandwich at the time so you could imagine how disappointed i was when i found out. At that moment i saw immediate improvement, not just in my acne. I was so used to being tired and bloated all the time i thought that was just me, but it wasn't, after eating pasta youre supposed to be full of energy right? not me, it sucked my energy levels to where i would be walking and falling asleep, no joke! so this is where i realised there was something my body didnt like. 


After cutting out wheat, my body was full of energy and i was feeling like a spring chicken! so immediately i saw the affects. my acne however, it took a few days for current active acne to start slowly going red and inflamed to almost nothing, 2 weeks down the line i was rid of all, then i kept my eyes on it for a month and not a single spot! And ive even starting going back to the gym, im amazed. 


Aanabill, thats just my story, 18 days in you might not be seeing any improvement, but gluten or wheat might not be your trigger, it could be your orange juice in the morning, it could be the milk going into your tea/coffee. Get an allergy test, see what your body doesnt like, who knows it could open a door to other health issues you didnt know about! You can even buy the test online which requires no effort and its cheap. I did mine with a woman called Hebe who runs a hair test at http://www.healthsynergy.co.uk. Ps i dont work for her, i owe my happiness to this woman!


Da funny one, it might be disappointing and good at the same time to find you dont have any food intolerances, did your test include vitamins and minerals deficiency? if not check that route out if youre not having any luck elsewhere! 


Sleptember. Thank you! I hope I've answered your questions in the first part. if not mail me! 


I know how acne can crumble the best of us, but there is always an answer. keep up the good work people, we can help each other!