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In Topic: Acne And Scarring

27 May 2013 - 05:57 PM

yeah red marks sorry i always say scars lol cause it feels like its hopeless but they are lightening so much! i never dealt with actual like indent/crator scars(knock on wood) lol

In Topic: Coconut Oil Is So Calming To My Zits/hormonal Acne.

18 May 2013 - 02:54 PM

If you do fot some reason break out rhen just stop using it right away and you can check it off of a list of products that didnt work lol. If you do try and it works let me know:) id love to know that its helping more people

In Topic: Coconut Oil Is So Calming To My Zits/hormonal Acne.

17 May 2013 - 07:00 PM

Lewis maybe they were using refined coconut oil or something. If your is bad and you are desperate it cant hurt to try it. i took the chance and im so glad i did!!! ill get like one little pimple once a week not even now and my face was disgusting. it even lightened all my scars! pretty soon i wont have to wear makeup at the rate this stuff is working.

and also..i use the coconut to cleanse. thats literally all i use on my face now besides water..to cleanse and to moisturize. you might surprise yourself if it works for you.

In Topic: Caveman Regimen For Oily Skin

15 May 2013 - 01:23 PM

about 4 weeks ago i came across reviews for coconut oil to cure acne so i did a lot of research and saw people saying that they've been suffering from terrible cystic acne for years and even tried accutane and it came back or didnt work or had bad side effects!! and when they tried coconut oil it cleared up! so i decided to give it a try..because i was really desperate! I had nothing to lose because my skin was already bad! So i started using it 3 weeks ago and my skin has cleared right up! Mind you i still have scars but it also lightens scars too!!! like i just washed my makeup off and i was like holy they have lightened a lot!! its cheap! and has a ton of other uses. theres like 101 uses so id you dont end up liking it to treat acne theres other things you can use it for. lol!! I use the Nutiva brand. Its the best one in my opinion! i rinse my face with hot water, massage the coconut oil in as a cleanser for a few minutes and then i rinse it off. Gently dry my skin and then apply a bit more as a moisturizer and go to bed. I wake up and repeat! i know its iffy to put oil on your face lmao but read up on it! its antifungal and all this other stuff. trust me i did not think it was going to work but im SOOOOO glad i tried it because i was so depressed looking in the mirror!! and its so cheap and healthy. I even put it in my tea because they say it can help if you ingest it too...but anyways give it a try if you are desperate and if it doesnt work at least you tried right? But you may be very surprised=) but MAKE SURE its ORGANIC, EXTRA VIRGIN, UNREFINED lol i cant stress that enough because i saw people saying oh it made my skin worse blah blah blah...well obviously they must have been using refined or something. try and get the Nutiva brand if you can its like 12.99 for a jar and it last a long time like if you just use it on your face itll last you like a year!. me not so much because i put it in my tea and on food and all over my body and in my hair lol. If you for some reason did break out then just stop using it. but you should google "coconut oil on acne reviews" and see for yourself how many people its worked for. my skin is oily too and it still worked! if you're really stuck and dont want harsh products give it a try! but do some research before you try and maybe test it out on your arm or something to see if you have any reactions!!

In Topic: Coconut Oil Is So Calming To My Zits/hormonal Acne.

15 May 2013 - 01:18 PM

you can even use the coconut oil as a cleanser too like if you dont wanna use harsh products. (plus im all into animal rights and a lot of face washes/ moisturizers test) i don't use anything on my face at all other than coconut oil i replaced my cleanser with it and i use it as a moisturizer and my skin cleared right up and old red marks are lightening a lot im so happy i tried it and shocked because when i read about it i was like hmmm another house hold remedy that prob doesnt work but im sure glad i tried it. and its awesome in your hair too! theres soo many uses. makes your hair healthy. good for your skin..it evened  got rid of some crows feet i had around my eyes (im only 25). but a friend of mine met a woman in her 50s that looked like she was in her 20s because she uses it everyday..its anti aging!! i use it as deodorant too because regular deodorant leaves white allover my clothes and it apparently can cause breast cancer so i gave it a try and it does work! and doesnt leave white marks all over your clothes lol. it also works for getting rid of yeast infections lol and apparently whitens teeth too. the uses are endless lol. the best one i find is by Nutiva. smells sooo good and it was like 12.99$ but its probably cheaper other places because the store i got it at is expensive for everything