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Posted by gteen on 03 July 2013 - 11:20 AM

I guess the key is to find a way to let them know, without just saying "I HAVE ACNE"  It's very hard to bring it up on a profile without making it sound like its a big problem, but I guess you could just say "I have some acne that's visible without makeup so I dont want to mislead anyone with my pictures". Which is the truth really.


and as for the bottom paragraph about you thinking you shouldnt be dating, Im only a teenage boy so i'm no phsychiatrist but I'm guessing it has alot more to do with your confidence in general and less to do with your acne.

It's hard to deal with confidence issues, I had them myself before and its hard to say what fixed them. Improving your confidence will help you learn to notice your acne as much as everyone else would notice it. looking at your picture I wouldnt know you had acne.


If it makes you feel better I know a girl with worse acne who is extremely confident, and she completely loves herself (maybe too much).

#3360243 Weight Gainers

Posted by gteen on 22 June 2013 - 09:30 AM

Everyday i count how many calories i eat, its always near 3400-3500. But for me its very hard to gain weight, i gotta have the fastest metabolism on earth. Before having acne i used to eat very poorly, lots of unhealthy fats, lots of simple carbs, yet i've always been skinny and ripped. I could eat everyday at mcdonals and dinner every night at burguer king and i would still have a 6-pack. It may sound good to some people, but it's a nightmare when you need to put on some weight and there's no way on earth.


Just make sure you are eating enough calories to gain weight, you dont want to spend money on a weight gainer and not backing it up by not eating enough natural foods too.

Read some articles on muscleandstrength.com there is loads related to beginners how struggle gaining weight.