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In Topic: Online Dating Profile

03 July 2013 - 11:20 AM

I guess the key is to find a way to let them know, without just saying "I HAVE ACNE"  It's very hard to bring it up on a profile without making it sound like its a big problem, but I guess you could just say "I have some acne that's visible without makeup so I dont want to mislead anyone with my pictures". Which is the truth really.


and as for the bottom paragraph about you thinking you shouldnt be dating, Im only a teenage boy so i'm no phsychiatrist but I'm guessing it has alot more to do with your confidence in general and less to do with your acne.

It's hard to deal with confidence issues, I had them myself before and its hard to say what fixed them. Improving your confidence will help you learn to notice your acne as much as everyone else would notice it. looking at your picture I wouldnt know you had acne.


If it makes you feel better I know a girl with worse acne who is extremely confident, and she completely loves herself (maybe too much).

In Topic: New Spot Treatment - Need Your Help Naming It

01 July 2013 - 07:31 AM

Acne.org spot treatment, Im a bit ocd tongue.png so it works for me to have that on my shelf with other acne.org products.

I'm delighted your making a spot treatment as I have been looking for one to buy this week.

will it be ok to apply on top of duac (assuming its a twice a day treatment) being as duac is basically 5% BP?

In Topic: Making My Own Regimen

30 June 2013 - 01:24 PM

I guess I'll skip the toner and about exfoliation, how much would it help towards acne?


and about my marks, they aren't dark or anything its just like red marks left over from whiteheads. they should fade away and maybe they do but I always seem to have them on my face. I guess it may also help if I found out how to lessen the chance of marks after spots.

In Topic: I'd Like To Offer Free Shipping. Kinda Complex. Need Your Input Please.

29 June 2013 - 09:49 AM

well, if it would seem there is no drawback, DO IT!!!

I have so much trouble finding a moisturiser in ireland I have to pay about 30 euro for the one here.

In Topic: Living Life As A Gay Person With Acne?

28 June 2013 - 06:22 AM

well im straight but would consider myself metrosexual (care a lot about my image)

and when my acne was worse I had confidence issues, once i started treatment I started caring less about my acne even though it hadn't got better yet.


1. I think you have to realise that it will get better sometime (maybe in the near future) whether you go to the doctor, or use the regimen.


2. when you look in the mirror the first thing you probably notice is your acne, but when you look at other people with acne you probably notice their acne last. thats the same way people would look at you.