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Sga Don't Bother...

28 June 2014 - 01:50 AM

I was having SGA treatments at clearskincare for moderate acne that always appears in the same spot. Sure it worked for the first couple of months but it's all back again. DON'T bother with it seriously! And the clinic doing them 'ClearSkinCare' is dangerous and they don't know what they're doing. Waste of money and it could ruin your life. Also  I have pock scars on my chin now from the SGA. Pimples come back as 'open' raw pimples!!



Also if you read about my nightmare experience here you can see the therapist at ClearSkinCare has ruined my ENTIRE face. It's not getting better but actually getting WORSE. It still burns everyday and more and more stretched pores and linear scarring like scratch marks (probably from the Pixel RF) is showing up. She has ruined my life!! I saw a dermatologist who was absolutely crap and looked at my skin for 10 seconds, handed me Aveeno moisturizer and Diane 35. Only person I trust at the moment is Sian and Dr Madalene Heng of Psoria Gold which I am currently using on my face now to stop the burning (hopefully reverse the damage). 


Don't believe the hype and be careful with your skin, it's better to heal your acne with products or HAVE acne than damaged skin. Biggest regret of my life. 

Skincare Clinic Ruined My Face!

27 May 2014 - 06:52 PM

I had previously posted about how I had started at 'ClearSkinCare' Clinic. I signed up for a 3 month membership, you get one treatment of your choice plus + peel and light treatment once per month.


Everything was going great until the therapist I had went on leave. I got stuck with the manager working on my skin. She did 'Pixel RF' (radiofrequency) on my face for acne scarring (but she used the machine ALL over my face for sun damage etc) and also the following 2 weeks after a lactic acid peel (40%) in which she burnt my face!!


It has been just over 2 weeks since the peel and just over 4 since the radio frequency. I still have 'grid-like marks' from the Pixel Rf on various places of my face, suddenly I have these blue/purple spider veins on my cheeks which were never there before, deep pitted scarring on my chin! Not to mention the burn/erosion area on my lower right cheek. I have been to the doctor three times about this already, also went on anti biotics for infection. Also my face has just started to sag like it has lost its elasticity/volume. I look 10 years older and feel so ugly.  I can't wash my face or put ANYTHING on it because it burns and itches immediately and its' sooo uncomfortable and sensitive! STILL after two weeks And this was meant to be a superficial peel. I am positive she did not rinse it off properly and also left it on too long anyway!! 


I have had so much time off work because I am an emotional wreck. I can't sleep at night, I wake up in the night and my heart is racing and I am thinking about all the damage to my face. I can't look in the mirror without crying. My skin was really not that bad before this. I did get some moderate acne and have some scarring on my chin (not pitted, just discolored). Atleast my face was firm and plump! Also I hear spider veins are permanent once you get them. I am hoping the firmness will return as my skin is very thin at the moment...so hopefully it's just temporary and not permanent damage! AND what is this massive lump in my jaw?


Anyone else have a similar experience?!!?

Loette - Skin Improving

06 January 2014 - 11:10 PM

I am now taking Loette which is a low-dose combined pill. I have been on it for almost 2 months. My oily skin has significantly decreased and my acne is almost 100% gone.

Side-effects sucked in the first month but are improving a lot. It's recommended for moderate acne though and hormonal acne. It contains higher progesterone and low estrogen. For some people progesterone breaks them out but for me it helps (during ovulation my skin always cleared up).


I would recommend it if you are after a low-estrogen pill. I have had some water retention but it is improving a lot. Nothing like the rapid 6kg weight gain on I had on Yasmin.

Puffy Face With The Pill!

29 November 2013 - 05:48 PM

I decided to give in and start taking the pill again, my doctor recommended a very low-dose one called 'Loette'. I get very oily skin with my cycle and acne. It's a never ending battle. Also I need birth control!

I had high hopes for it! Since day one of taking it I have had an incredibly noticeable puffy face and it is actually becoming painful swelling, more prominent on one side. This brings me back to years ago I had tried Yasmin and Levlin and had the same thing! But just lived with it for years! 


Also noticed that I had hives on my stomach the other day and my eyes are incredibly itchy. Beginning to think this sounds like I have an allergy to the synthetic hormones in birth control pill.  


Back to the drawing board :(. Has this happened to anyone else?