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Korean Bb Creams

21 May 2015 - 04:28 AM


I just wanted to start a topic on these amazing BB and CC creams.  I used to shy away from the first lot of bb creams released in the UK like the Garnier one, as I thought it would just make my skin more oily and not do much in the way of coverage.  However since being introduced to the amazing Korean BB market I am amazed at how well these creams cover, moisturise and keep my skin matt all at the same time!  I had always heard of Korean bb creams but didn't pay much attention until I started watching Elaine Mokk's youtube channel where she often does reviews on different bb creams for acne/scarring coverage. 

In my opinion a good BB cream blurs my redness and scarring much better than any foundation I have used, foundation seems to look good at first but I find it can often settle into any fine lines and acne scars and can end up looking cakey.  Where as the BB cream seems to blur all these imperfections while keeping my skin looking plump and healthy.  Some also have added benefits such as lightening red marks and obviously keeping skin more youthful.  Some I have tried and loved

Lioele Dollish CC Cream - a white cream that adapts to your skin tone as you apply it, really good coverage, would be best for drier skin types and you need a little bit of setting powder to mattify more oily areas. 

Skin 79 hot pink bb cream - tis is the one I am currently using, goes on amazingly well, I apply with my fingers or with a beauty blender(for more coverage) this cream keeps my skin matt through out the day and I have been getting loads of compliments since using it.  I do set with a powder but it is totally up to you I would be comfortable just going out with this alone

Lioele triple solution bb cream - I have only used this one once as I love the skin 79 one so much but will keep you all posted

I live in the uk and have found a great UK based retailer online who does a range of the Korean BB creams, not a sales pitch, I can't even remember the name off the tops of my head but there are loads of other international shippers you can get them from.

Anyways I just wanted  to share what has been working for me and see if anyone else has had any success with these

A Good Sunscreen

25 April 2014 - 03:56 AM

Hi there


I am off on holiday in June and looking for a high spf facial sunscreen that is moisturising but wont break me out.  I was ideally looking for something about spf 50, my daily moisturiser has spf 30, but would like that extra protection while I am away.  I have heard good things about zinc oxide in sunscreen although most reviews of those say they leave a white cast on your face, which I'm not too keen on either.  Any recommendations would be great :)



Gentle Cleanser For Those In Uk

04 July 2013 - 08:24 AM



I don't really post very often but I always read posts and get great tips and advice so thought I would share one of mine.  I was searching everywhere for a gentle cleanser that would remove my make up, I don't like double cleansing with make up remover and a cleanser when my skin is really bad I feel like it just irritates it..  I had bought Dan's cleanser by I was waiting on it being delivered.  Anyways, I came across Clean and Clear truly gentle facial wash. From what I can see it's sulphate/soap free, no doubt there are some bad ingredients in it somewhere  (aren't there always), but it seems to take my make up off ( I don't wear a lot though) and so far has been pretty gentle to my skin..I've even noticed some dry patches healing up a bit, and it goes well with the Differin I've been using afterwards.  I got it in Morrisons supermarket and it was really cheap...I'll keep you posted if anything changes though. For the first time in ages I have a simple routine, this face wash, differin at night and olay day fluid (with spf) to moisturise in the morning.


Good luck