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In Topic: Coming Off Dianette

26 January 2015 - 02:23 PM

No problem I know how scary it is thinking about coming off it. I think it took me about 6-9 months for the breakouts to totally stop but I was also using a topical retinoid called differin which I think really helped, I still use it along with a salicylic acid serum, I use either one or the other a few times a week but at first I was applying differin every night. I have been breakout free ever since, I can't comment for everyone, but cilest has been great for me after dianett.  I would ask your go to keep you on dianette for another few months until your break outs settle down. My skin flared up after I had been off the pill for a year I think sometimes our hormones just screw upband the pill helps get things back on track.

In Topic: Coming Off Dianette

24 January 2015 - 05:15 AM

I was on dianette for about 15 months, I was worried about comming off it too, are you in the UK? I think each doctor is different, one of my docs was happy for me to stay on it but the other preferred me to switch.  I'm sure they wont mind you staying on for a couple months longer for your holiday if you explain the situation.  I was switched on to cilest about six months ago and so far so good, haven't noticed much of a difference from dianette and my skin is still clear.  I've never tried yasmin but maybe your breakout was due to other factors such as stress or skincare. I think either yasmin or cilest are probably the best ones to switch to after dianette, others like loestrin and mycrogynon and progestogen only pills and will make your acne flare up, so its best to stick to combined pills which have progestogen and oestrogen.  

In Topic: Regimen Warning And Advice

22 January 2015 - 03:51 AM

Speaking from experience when I used BP, it's effectiveness did wear off after about six months, and the same as the OP when you stop your skin for some reason is super oily.  It took me about a year for my skin to regain some moisture and balance itself out, it looked awful after months of BP, had lost it's glow and was taking ages to heal.  I think it depends on your skin type as to how you will handle BP as it does work great for lots of people, it's trial and error I guess, by all means give it a go but there are other options, now I'm a bit older my skin responds better to aha and salicylic acid and a gentle retinoid in my regimen, not to mention lots of moisturiser and a soap free cleanser, if you get the balance right then these products can really make a difference to you complexion, I think it's best to use topicals moderately until you know what your skin can handle.

In Topic: Severe Cystic Acne After Pregnancy And Birth

15 January 2015 - 04:09 AM

Hey, did you were you on birth control before you got pregnant?  I mean did you stop to try for a baby?  It may be that coming off birth control has caused a flare up on your acne, pregnancy maybe kept the acne any now you're no longer pregnant your hormones are out of balance.  I know when I have come off the pill before that about 3 -6 months later my skin starts to flare up and I've always ended up going back on the pill, you're right that progestin pills will make your skin worse, try asking for one that is combined with oestrogen and progestin, there are pills that are more skin friendly than other.  I've read that bad skin after pregnancy can be common, maybe trying a new skincare routine, have you tried salicylic or glycolic based products, I find having even just one in my regimen makes a difference, like a cleanser or a serum.  I'm sure you will find something that works and you have your lovely baby to keep your mind off things until you do :)

In Topic: Cyst/boil/zit That Became Firm (Updated With Pics)

09 January 2015 - 04:42 AM

Have you tired massaging the scar tissue?  I had the same problem with a cyst on my cheek that was there for months and eventually turned hard under my skin.  it is almost two years later and I am pleased to say that I with a good skin care routine, I use differin topically and a salicylic acid serum and going back on birth control, my skin has been clear for a good year and that scar tissue gradually broke down I honestly can't feel or see it anymore.  I have a couple of small indents where the cyst was but no longer feel that lump under my skin.  It took time, a long time, I could feel it getting smaller over several months but the main part of it I could still feel when I washed my face and could see at centre angles.  I read up about massaging scar tissue to break it down, it doesn't need to be too aggressive and I just did it while applying my differin, sort of pushing the  lump in and massaging it and was surprised that after 5 minutes of massage it seemed to almost disappear, however it would gradually come back the next morning but I kept up with the massage and sort of forgot about it and I would say for the past maybe 6 months I can honestly say that it has gone.  I can only think that I have manage to break down the scar tissue and with continued use of differin and massage I have broken it down.  I don't know if this will work for everyone but just sharing my experience.  Google massage and cysts/scars and see what you think.