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In Topic: What Exactly Causes The Initial Breakout? Any Scientific Info?

09 October 2014 - 03:10 AM

It's a bit of a confusing one, some people believe in it and some don't.  I think that with Accutane it is effectively shrinking your oil glands so I guess if you have too much oil or bacteria underneath your skin then it needs to come out as the oil gland shrinks.  That's just my thoughts though, nothing scientific at all.  I think sometimes when it comes to topicals people think that they are having an initial break out when in fact their skin might be too sensitive to the product and most topicals are drying so the irritation to the skin may cause a few breakouts at first but I would think that if after a month things are still getting worse then it probably your skins way of saying that it doesn't like the product are perhaps to cut back a bit.  I have read that a lot of people use an antibiotic at first to help with any IB from Accutane so the fact that you have already had a course should mean that you will hopefully avoid the initial breakout.  Just remember to tailor your skincare to Accutane as your skin will get drier and more sensitive and using anything too harsh may cause breakouts and redness.


Good luck I'm sure you will have no problems, everyone always vents bad experiences online, for everyone with an initial breakout there are probably many more who didn't have one. x

In Topic: Is Dianette The Right Choice Here?

07 October 2014 - 07:36 AM

Dianette really helped my skin, I was on it for just over a year, have now switched to Cilest so will see if that can maintain things.  I think if you make sure that you stick to a gentle cleansing routine, I use No 7 cream cleanser for dry/normal skin and just an e45 moisturiser, then it shouldn't make your skin too dry. Dianette works great for most folk, so if you were going to use birth control anyway I would say give it a go and see if it can settle things down for you. xx

In Topic: Subcision~ My Journey So Far~

07 October 2014 - 07:23 AM

You can definitely see improvement, especially in your right cheek, it looks much less red and your scarring seems to have smoothed out a lot, a bit harder to see the left pic, but going by the right one it looks like everything is going in the right direction!  Have you been happy with your results so far?  A lot of people don't follow up after their treatment or don't get the results that they wanted so it would be good to hear a story with a happy ending :)

In Topic: Can I Take Saw Palmetto With Birth Control?

07 October 2014 - 06:38 AM

Around the end of the second week in our cycle is when we ovulate which causes a change in hormone levels, I think this is when estrogen drops so that might be what causes the worse breakout around that time, maybe look in to ovulation and breakouts and see if anything useful comes up. I used to break out around that time as well, going on dianette really helped me, I'm now on cilest ( in the uk, I think it is called something different in the states)....sometimes it sucks being a girl!xx

In Topic: Can I Take Saw Palmetto With Birth Control?

05 October 2014 - 09:47 AM

Hey, great answer from green gables, if you are on a combined pill  I would be a bit cautious just in case, since the combined pill uses a combination of hormones to control ovulation and anything that impacts that balance may reduce its effectiveness.  Have you looked in to the pill you are on?  There may be another that could help further, or changing up your skincare as you approach that time of the month to try and prevent breakouts.  I have found aha's and salicylic acid to be helpful in combination with the pill, they help with the PIH as well.  Good luck, you sound like you are on the right path xx