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In Topic: Scarring The Day After Alcohol

26 November 2014 - 05:43 AM

It's probably dehydration from drinking alcohol, try and use lots of moisturiser and drink plenty water before and after you have a drink, my skin looks like shit the day after a night out as well

In Topic: Weird Bump On Cheek Lasting Forever. Will It Go?

26 November 2014 - 05:36 AM

Hey, I had something similar after a really deep cyst on my cheek, the lump left over wasn't painful but I could feel it and it was red and slightly raised.  I found using a retinoid cream (differin) and incorporating some gentle aha's into my routine helped to exfoliate my skin and gradually the redness and lump have went away.  Massaging the area also helped, every night for a couple of minutes with gentle pressure, as if trying to flatten it out when I applied differin at night. Read up on massage for cysts or scar tissue it can help your body to break down the scar tissue and reabsorb it.  It did take me pretty much a year for it to completely go but it got better and better over time, good luck xx

In Topic: Huge Cystic Outbreak 5 Months Off Ortho Tri Cyclen

26 November 2014 - 05:32 AM

I had  go back on birth control too to get my acne under control about as year and a half ago, but since then I have stuck to my skincare regimen and use a topical called differin, so I'm hoping when I decide to come off BCP again that my routine and topical will keep things under control.  Maybe try working a topical in to your routine once you are back on the pill so that you can continue it when you come off next time, but I hear ya, I'll probably only come off to have a baby and straight back on them again, I don't have any side effects so doesn't bother me too much, good luck xx

In Topic: I Can't Believe I'm About To Do This...*pics Included*

17 November 2014 - 07:53 AM

wow your skin looks great :) well done on sticking to your regimen xx

In Topic: Shiny Face Is Not Oily. Help!

17 November 2014 - 02:50 AM

your skin sounds like it is dehydrated, thats why it probably seems less shiny in the morning since your skin usually produces more oil during the night, it might sounds silly but your skin need more moisture and nourishment.  I would agree that over exfoliation doesn't help, but sometimes you need a gentle exfoliatior once a week to clear dead skin cells from your face, which could also be making your skin look shiny, some people don't shed their dead skin cells as well as others.  It will take time, my skin was the same about a year and a half ago after I started using soap as a cleanser, it totally stripped my skin of any moisture.  I would look for a gentle exfoliator, none with beads it, maybe a gentle aha?  Use this once a week and maybe get a soap free cream cleanser for other days.  You want to use a nice replenishing moisturiser, nothing to thick but something that will keep water in your skin, I like e45, a serum before moisturing might be good too.  I have also found that cleansing my face and applying my moisturiser before I bath or shower really helps as the steam and hot water can be very drying!  Things might get worse before the get better as your skin rebalances, you should look up dehydrated skin, I'm not an exert so don't take my word as gospel, but I hope it helps a little x