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In Topic: Massage For Indented Scarring

03 September 2014 - 10:14 PM

I have had some success with massage but this was for slightly raised scaring from a large cyst that went away but left a hard lump in my skin, massage with a retinoid added in ever other night has really help the scar tissue break down, but I dont know how well this would work for indented scarring, I have found that the handful of shallow scars I had have improved greatly over the course of  a year, I have used differin during this time along with occcasional use of a gentle aha cleanser and a gentle salicylic acid serum alternated with the differin.  Surgeons do advise massage therapy for scars but again it is usually for red or raised scars where the scar tissue can be manipulated and broke down, I think sunken scars pose a different problem. And like a previous posted said any scar with never return completely to normal.  I suppose where massage may help indented scaring is that it might increase circulation to the area and promote healing, but I think that this would be in the early stages of scar formation.  I have found that keeping my skin acne free for as long as possible has also given my skin a better chance at healing as well.  

In Topic: Need Some Reassurance Or Something.

31 July 2014 - 04:34 PM

I feel bad since I said how much I like the priori cleanser, but I do know that at first when I used it along with differin I was pretty red and irritated too, it took about 3 months for some of the clogged pores on my chin to come to a head and then finally go, the one thing that really helps is lots of moisturiser afterwards. I know it's a long slog, but it was the bp that had caused my skin to get so clogged in the first place, I had never experience acne like that, I had just started using BP for hormonal spots at my periods but it left me with rough skin and when I came off it all my pores seemed to clog and get inflamed, it took the differin month to clear them out, I guess what I am saying is that it might be purging or maybe the aha and bp combo are too drying and irritating for your skin. I really wish I could make this all go away, I know these feelings all too well!  If you have any savings or spare cash and want to see a dermatologist sooner, I booked a consultation at a nuffield clinic, it was an experienced nhs dermatologist  that I seen and his prescription was still free on the nhs, it cost me £100.00 for the consultation but was totally money well spent.if the thought of waiting is stressing you out too much. Honestly your acne is so not bad at all, you dont have any scars or deep cystic acne, once you find the right treatment combination you will probably notice a difference so quickly! stay strong, you've got through this before and you will again! these things are sent to try us xx

In Topic: 27 Year Old Female Cystic Acne

28 July 2014 - 02:48 PM

Have you tried birth control?x

In Topic: Cyst On Cheek For Over A Year...

26 July 2014 - 10:07 AM

hey, a peel might work to fade the redness, maybe try something gentle with aha's in it as i have found that has helped my marks.    As far as the massage I just sort of pressed gently on it with my finger, as if you are trying to flatten it out  and go round in circular motions, you dont want to be too hard though, you should type in massage and cysts or scars on google and there is a load of information, it was just a little thing that I found made a difference.  If it is mainly redness then time will also helped to fade it, although it's a pain in the ass waiting for that to happen but try and not be too harsh on your skin, the best thing is to stop anymore acne and give you skin a chance to heal x

In Topic: Enlarged Pores Giving A Dark Hole Appearance. Aha/bha Makes Them Look Much Wo...

25 July 2014 - 08:08 AM

Hey, I don't know what difference it will make but I think a lot of guy struggle with their pores being larger across the nose and cheeks than girls do.  Guys skin is normally thicker, I think that might have something to do with it.  I know my boyfriend has some larger pores in the same areas as you and he has never had acne really.  Your skin is maybe a little bit irritated as well from all the products you've tried.  I know people tell you that you can shrink your pores but I believe if there is an underlying reason then you can.  This time last year my skin was a mess from using harsh benzoyl peroxide and then about ten other products to try and clear up a breakout.  My pores were huge, red irritated and oily skin.  Since being on birth control ( I know this wont help in your case) and using differin for a year ( although not near my nose as it is too sensitive) my pores are pretty much invisible.  Since I didn't use the differin near my nose or inner cheeks, I assume it was my skincare that made the difference and that was gentle cream cleansers and a good moisturiser.  Maybe try and go easy on your skin for a while, if it is irritated then your pores will look bigger.  I hope this helps :)