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In Topic: What Kind Of Acne Is This?

30 July 2015 - 09:19 AM

Hey it looks a bit more like pityrisporum folliculitis which is more like a infection of the hair follicles and is common on the forehead like you have described, if you google it you will see pictures.  I think Accutane will still help as it will stop the oil production but if you are still having issues you might try adding a gentle salicylic acid into your regimen, as long as it isn't too harsh while you are on Accutane, a good exfoliator is important to keep any dead skin cells out of the hair follicles and keep your pores as clear as possible.  Good luck on your journey

In Topic: Help! Squeezed Too Hard - Tissue Slipped And Left A Huge Scab.

30 July 2015 - 02:51 AM

I had a scab like this last week, I covered it with savlon advanced healing gel, soaked a bit of tissue and put it over the ointment then put a plaster over it to keep it covered and left it.  I realise that's a bit difficult when you need to go out but I cut the plaster to the size I needed so it just looked like I had a small cut, after two days the scab was pretty much gone and I didn't need to pick it off or anything.  The key is keeping it moist so it can't dry out and keeping it covered as well.  A week on and I have a faint red mark which will be gone by next week, really impressed with the whole keeping the wound moist mainly because if it is too dry then the scab will come of prematurely and you usually end up with another as a result.  Although I do think it's important that there is no infection or anything left in the spot before you cover it really does just need to be a scab.

In Topic: Advice For My Skin Issues? Thanks

28 July 2015 - 08:03 AM

It's a tough one to call, I think your skin looks more irritated than acne prone, if that makes sense.  If it were me I would make a decision between two courses of action.  I would either try and cut back on harsh products, try a basic cream cleanser, I like the La Roche Posse ones and simply wipe off with a damp cotton pad or damp wash cloth and from there just a simple oil free moisturiser.  Or it might help to incorporate a gentle acid or retinoid into that regimen as well, I know it contradicts what I have said earlier about harsh products but I do believe that sometimes dehydrated skin, which is dry yet oily at the same time can have problems with exfoliating off dead skin cells, you need to get rid of the build up of dead skin cells for any product to penetrate your skin properly and a build up of dead skin will trap oil and dirt and ultimately irritate your skin further.  You could start out with a low % salicylic acid serum for under your moisturise, or over. whatever works best and does cause too much irritation and see if that helps at all to clear those little under the skin bumps and the rough texture of your skin.  I'm sure its just a case of finding the right combination of products as you don't seem to have inflammatory or cystic acne.  Good luck

In Topic: Anyone Have Their Scars Fill In Naturally Over Time?

23 July 2015 - 03:47 AM

I don't really know about filling in, I find scars soften with time if you find the right skin care regimen and keep acne under control.  Lighting can make all the difference, sometimes I think my scars have disappeared then I'll catch myself in different lighting and yup they are still there.  I found using a gentle acid with my regimen has helped a lot as it keeps your skin cells turning over and stops a build up of cells which I think can make scars look worse, it also helps with blocked pores and brightness of skin.  ultimately I think over time you get more used to them and they almost become part of you.  Make up really helps though and there are some amazing products out there, it is trial and error but a good make up routine can really transform you skin.  There are loads of girls on youtube and instagram with acne and scars and their tutorials have helped me a lot.

I just noticed how sexist this sounded as I'm not sure if you are male or female, but there is a great make up artists called Wayne Goss who does tutorials aimed at women and men, he uses the products himself and honestly you'd never know he is wearing make up his skin just looks amazing so even guys can benefit from all the new products that can be used by men and women to cover redness and scaring.

In Topic: Severe Cystic Acne After Pregnancy And Birth

14 July 2015 - 05:05 AM

it does look like it has calmed down a lot in your recent photo which is a good sign that the antibiotics and topical were helping.  I don't know too much about the ingredients but is there anyway you can continue with the topicals and just stop the doxy?  It will probably be the case that until you have stopped breast feeding there isn't much in the way of a test that they can do, even if they come back to show that your hormones are out of sync, they will just tell you to step breast feeding and if that's not something you want to do then it puts to back to square one.  I know it is a difficult position to be in but it looks like you have to decide between putting up with the acne and trying to find topicals, which are safe to use when b feeding and will help with the itching/inflammation, or stopping breast feeding early to stay on a longer course of antibiotics or a different bcp or seeing if your acne calms down on its own when your stop breast feeding.  I agree with wishclean, it does sound like there may be an infection going on as well as it seems quite a severe breakout considering acne hasn't been a problem for you in the past however hormonal acne can also be aggressive as well.  A topical anti biotic might help, although again im not too sue on the impact when your nursing.  I hope everything works out, and you are clearly a great mum, putting your baby's health first, even when your dealing with this painful breakout.  This new dermatologist might have a different take on things and a way forward.