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In Topic: Would Ipl/fraxel Help?

22 April 2015 - 03:29 AM



I read all that too about pores, but from my experience, when my skin was dry they were 100x more visible, I thought this was it and that they would never shrink or go away but honestly once my skin balanced out the texture of my skin and visible pores reduced dramatically. I think when your skin is hydrated it almost plumps up your skin and your pores don't seem so open, it was almost like mine were desperate for some moisture.


For me it was about a 6/9 months progress to get my skin on the road to recovery.  I was prescribed birth control and differin as a topical.  I took my skincare right back to basics and I only used a cream cleanser to wash my face, I would massage the cleanser in and then dampen my face and wipe off with a tissue, I would repeat this if I wearing heavy make up or would dampen a wash cloth with warm water and use this to rinse as it gets rid of almost all my make up in one go.  If you're in the UK, I like boots no 7 gentle cream cleanser for normal/dry skin.  I've not washed my face with anything that foams for about two years.  Once or twice a week I would use a exfoliator with aha, I use priori gentle aha cleanser it is a liquid with no beads in it and it doesn't foam either, just massage it on then wipe off.  For moisturiser I just stuck to E45 at night after I cleanser or olay regenerist spf30 for during the day.  I also like to cleanse and mosturise my face before I take a shower or bath as I find the moisturiser helps to lock in moisture in my skin as the steam from the bath or shower can b dry your skin out.


I changed about my foundations a lot back then.  One that I always kind of come back to is estee lauder double wear light.  I just find it gives me goo coverage and if your moisturise well enough before then it gives a nice matt finish without looking too cakey.  I also liked using borjois health mix foundation as well but found the coverage wasn't as great, but I think you might like that one as your really do have a nice complexion and not much to conceal at all, it gives a nice finish.  I also like jane iredale mineral pressed powder, it never breaks me out and gives good coverage even on its own.


I really wouldn't do anything harsh to your skin like lasers, even people with severe scaring have seen minimal improvement and some have been left with lasting damaged.  I honestly think your skin looks great and will just get better with time.

In Topic: Was It A Mistake Taking Accutane? (Pics) :(

21 April 2015 - 03:40 AM

I think that the dryness caused by Accutane make your skin really sensitive and slower to heal so just keep up with the moisturiser and making sure you use and spf on a daily basis as well.  Your red marks will fade in time, just be gentle with your skin and re asses the situation when you finish Accutane.  I think your progress is going well and sure you will be happy with the end results :)

In Topic: Would Ipl/fraxel Help?

19 April 2015 - 07:31 AM

I would give it some time after you come off accutane.  My skin was like this a couple of years ago and it was mainly cause my dryness and irritattion.  Once my skin balanced out and became more hydrated my pores pretty much vanished, when your skin is irritated they are way more visible.  Your skin does look irritate and it probably the dryness from the accutane, give things time to settle down, keep your skin moisturised and see how things are in six months.  I wouldnt go near laser, especially not with your skin tone, you have a lovely complexion.

In Topic: Next Step After Differin And Retin-A

04 April 2015 - 04:38 AM

:( sorry shouldnt have presumed! I know what you mean it is pretty unfair to guys, I'm not sure if guys can use hormonal treatments, most hormonal acne treatments try to reduce the effects of testosterone in the body, which is fine for girls but could cause other problems for guys. You say your acne is mostly round your chin and mouth, do you think maybe facial hair has any part to play in aggravating it? Maybe a aha or salicylic acid lotion might help, I use salicylic acid and alternate it with the differin.  I know this is coming from a female perspective as well, but would you try facial and using a mask at all.  I found month facials and face masks helped with my inflammatory white heads after a few sessions.

In Topic: Next Step After Differin And Retin-A

01 April 2015 - 09:27 AM

Have you considered birth control?  Acne around the mouth/jaw is usually hormonal and maybe that is why the accutane didn't work out for any length of time.   I know my hormonal acne was white heads that would become inflamed.  I have had success with differin but only while on birth control so hard to say which is helping best.


Good luck