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In Topic: How Can I Get Rid Of These Little Bumps On My Forehead?

30 June 2015 - 02:29 AM

salicylic acid works great on my forehead bumps and clogged pores.  I use a serum and apply it under my moisturiser or on its own for more effectiveness.

In Topic: Scarred Pores From Retin-A Or Accutane?

15 June 2015 - 07:38 AM

I'd say your skin looks pretty great. Guys tend to have thicker texture of skin to girls, and honestly most guys I know have some sort of visible pores going on.  It might be to do with testosterone or something?  I will say though that if your pores were clogged before retin a, then they might just look large since whatever was clogging them has been removed.  Also having rosacea or flushing will make your pores seem larger, I suffer from the occasional flush and my skin always looks worse when my cheeks/nose are red.  Do you use any particular moisturiser that might help calm down the redness and hydrate your skin making it look more plumped up.  I know when my skin is dry my pores look much bigger.  Do you ever look at people close up, no one has perfect skin.  My boyfriend has pores and marks on his skin and the only acne he had was a few blackheads in high school, skin is skin, it's not flawless.  I know some things maybe look worse in person but honestly I would say you have pretty great skin, once you stop over analysing your anxiety will go down and these little imperfections wont bother you anymore.  Try and stay positive

In Topic: Is There Any Solution To This? Large Pores, Scarring, Orange Peel Texture.

15 June 2015 - 04:28 AM

I wouldn't go near fraxel especially since your skin looks great.  Redness always makes skin texture look way worse.  What is your skincare routine at the moment?xx

In Topic: Why I Drain My Cysts And Nodules (And Would Encourage Others To Do The Same...

14 June 2015 - 11:05 AM

I would not advise anyone to use black salve, just Google it. I know there are extreme cases but the consequences if it goes wrong are horrific!

In Topic: Why I Drain My Cysts And Nodules (And Would Encourage Others To Do The Same...

12 June 2015 - 06:54 AM

I do agree with the principal of your theory.  I think the longer a cyst is under your skin the more damage it will do to collagen and result in scaring.  I have one small area of scarring on my cheek and that is from a cyst that was there for months and as a result other cystic spots developed near by ( a sinus track I think they call it) anyway it is all gone now but this is the only area I have ever really scarred from acne over the years.  The only thing is that I don't know if I would be confident enough to deal with it myself.  I watch Dr Sandra Lee on youtube, she's based in the US and I wish in the uk you could visit a dermatologist for an extraction of a deep cyst.  In the UK  dermatologists are hard to get an appointment with and they are not very hands on, you wouldn't go to them for a monthly visit for extractions/facials put it that way.  Dr Lee does amazing extractions with a small incision, I would have been more than happy to pay her a visit when I had that damn cyst for about a year!  You seen confident in draining them yourself and your technique is working for you, I'd just be too nervous to attempt it on my own.