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#3347099 Coconut Oil Is So Calming To My Zits/hormonal Acne.

Posted by jb00 on 09 May 2013 - 02:11 AM

I have oily skin and coconut oil is really wonderful as a skin moisturizer. It works like $1000 dollar beauty product. Soft and supple skin that no lotion or cream that promised to deliver ever did.


If you are bothered, its too oily you can wash it off with water after a few minutes but the skin readily absorb the fatty acid in coconut oil and let your skin enjoy good nutrition.


Highly recommend.

#3347097 My Daily Regimen For Adult Acne

Posted by jb00 on 09 May 2013 - 02:03 AM

I had acne for more than 12 years and finally found a solution. I tried a lot of topical products for acne: Salicylic acid, AHA, drugstore brands, expensive skin care brands and spent thousands through the years buying all these products. Finally, when I turned 27, I thought to myself I will never outgrow this in my life. However, I started exploring natural remedies for acne and this started my journey.


Skin Care Regime:

Facial Wash - Raw and Organic Honey

Toner - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel extract and water 

Moisturizer - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Twice a week Aztec Bentonite Clay Mask


When outdoors like running or at the beach, I use VMV Sport SPF 70



Pantothenic Acid 500mg 3x a day

Chelated Zinc(Solgar) - 22mg 3x a day

Cod Liver Oil - 3x a day

Chromium Picolinate - 500mcg - once a day

Bee Pollen - substitute for a multivitamin

Dandelion/Milk Thistle/Kelp - I rotate one herbal supplement per month or something I fancy

Probiotic supplement

Vitamin D - Daily sun exposure for about 20-30 mintues per day


Beverage Daily:

Apple Cider Drink with cayenne - for alkaline balance

Wheatgrass Drink Daily - for alkaline balance

Yogi Herbal and Green tea

Alkaline Water


Exercise: Running and Yoga


I have been drinking wheatgrass/herbal tea, doing the skin care regimen to cure acne for two months and it has balance my skin but did not really clear my skin. One life changing supplement that cleared my acne was ZINC. I can't believe how this single mineral supplement was something my body was deficient of.


It made my skin literally glow with health! Also, going that natural skin care routine has been excellent in making my skin supple, dewy and soft to touch. Now my only problem is scarring from a decade of acne. But slowly, my acne scars are fading with this regimen and I hope sharing this can help someone out there.


Acne History: Mild to moderate acne; did not undergo any antibiotics treatment or birth control pills for acne


Skin Type: Oily Skin


Diet: I eat everything - pork, beef, chicken, vegetables and fruit. Though over the years, I think milk triggers my acne but zinc seems to hinder its evil effect on my body XD I have a sweet tooth and I eat a lot pastries and cakes or anything sweet. Disclaimer: I am currently using more organic products, since I know how to bake, I just prepare my own pastries, cake, cheesecake, bread and cookies. 


Side Effect: Zinc increased my sexual energy LOL but I see no problem about this!